Thursday, May 26, 2011

John & Manfred Béarnaise sauce - a great product

John & Manfred Bearnaise sauce. Photo: company website

I am definitely too lazy to make my own butter sauces. I have experienced that making your own Béarnaise and Hollandaise sauce is such an effort. I have found that my favourite brand until now is the Béarnaise manufactured by John & Manfred. This is a sauce that is as close to the home made as you can get.

I have made Béarnaise sauce from dry bases provided by Knorr or Toro. Those were the only ones available to us, until quite recently, when sauces ready to be heated in the microwave were introduced. I tried Knorr's sauce - decent as it is, it does not provide that home made taste. The good thing about the Knorr sauce, is that it is relatively low in fat.

Another good, but much fatter alternative is the Béarnaise manufactured by Jacob's, but it does not reach the quality of John & Manfred sauce. Creamy, pungent tarragon aromas, and great consistency.

John & Manfred Béarnaise sauce is not available everywhere, though. I bought mine at Coop Mega at Stoa, in my hometown Arendal. It is relatively expensive, but it is certainly worth the higher price.

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