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Gernerska Mausoleum - Sigtuna Sweden

Inscription over the door
By Mariakyrkan in Sigtuna you find the Mausoleum of the Gerner family (Gernerska Gravkoret) dating back to 1757.
Photo: Venngarn Palace (1670) by Udo Schröter
Colonel Albrekt Gerner fought with Carl XII, the Swedish warrior king. Charles XII was killed at Fredriksten, by the Norwegian city of Halden in 1718, probably by a Norwegian sniper.

Gerner survived the many raids and married Anna Gyllenborg, the daughter of one of Swedens most powerful men Jakob Johan Gyllenborg. As Governor of Stockholms och Uppsala county lord of Venngarn Palace.

Venngarn Palace had been built in 1670 by viscount Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie by the design of the French-Swedish architect Jean de la Vallée
Ther Gerner Mausoleum today
Anna Gerner and Albrekt Gerner took over Venngarn Palace after Gyllenborg and Gerner run the estate until his death in 1755.

Anna Gerner built the mausoleum just after her husbands death in 1755, facing the large church gate of St. Marys church. She retreated to the estate of Torslunda in Höcking.

The coat of arms of ther Gerner and Gyllenborg family are placed on each side over the gate.

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