Monday, May 30, 2011

Chicken caramba!

Were these in my BBQ chicken?
Caramba!! Solvinge Chicken with mango and chili was hot stuff. Too hot, in fact, and too much salt, but the idea is good. Solvinge has to adjust the product, adding less salt and more sweetness to enhance the mango flavour.
I do not know whether it was habaneros, they had used, Solvinge when preparing their new brand of BBQ products. Whereas most Norwegian producers are hesitant when adding pungent spices to their products, Solvinge had gone to the completely other extreme. Whatever you do before throwing the chicken breasts on the barbie, do not add more chilis!!

I bought my "Solvinge kylling med chili og mango" at my local REMA1000 shop at Holmlia. It was relatively cheap (NOK 39,90 for 300 grams) and it looked intriguing. It was immersed in a very red marinade, and when preparing leave it in the tin container, put it in a moderately hot oven or on the barbie!

Caramba!! There was too much chili and salt on the Solvinge Chicken. So much that it overpowered the mango flavour, but I used a little mild thai chili sauce (the very mild one, referring to the warning above)! That reclaimed a little of the sweetness that was supposed to be there.

(Photo: Ryan Bushby)

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