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Tandoori Curry Corner - top indian at budget price

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Oslo is one of the most expensive places to dine in a restaurant, according to statistics. I have serious doubts, but if you are a guest in the Norwegian capital and determined to have a budget meal, I strongly recommend Tandoori Curry Corner. Here you get a good Indian / Pakistani meal for around €10.  

Rating Tandoori Curry Corner: BBBB+ (4,40 points)
  • Location: BBBB+
  • Service: BBBBB
  • Interior & atmosphere: BBB+
  • Food: BBBBB-
  • Beverage: N/A
Photo: Grønland area by GAD 
Tandoori Curry Corner is located in the Grønland area of Oslo, with a predominantly non-European population.

Being literally on a corner, you may follow a vibrant city life with inhabitants from Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Tandoori Curry Corner is just a 5 minute walk away from Oslo Central Station.

You will not be admiring an ornate Indian interior at Tandoori Curry Corner. You sit  comfortably on metal chairs by simple tables. The interior is slightly shabby, but well cleaned.  
Tandoori Curry Corner is a family run restaurant. You get an informal, nice contact with those behind the corner taking your order. There were very few people when we arrived and we had a smalltalk with the proprietor. 
Photo: Chicken Tikka Masala by Kelly Sue
The menu at Tandoori Curry Corner is predominantly Indian food but you may also choose hamburgers or kebabs. You get salad and Naan bread with all Indian dishes.

I  chose a Chicken Tikka Masala priced at NO 90 (€11). The chicken was served in a little bowl, and you got a large plate with rice and salad and a large homemade Naan bread.

The latter was baked as you sat there, and is probably one of the best I have ever eaten in an Indian restaurant.

I was served 5 bites of bone free chicken immersed in a brightly coloured, smooth sauce with a rich aromatic flavour. Be not afraid to visit Tandoori Curry Corner if you do not like hot food. Here you get Indian food adjusted to Northern European tastes. 
Portion was rather moderate in size, but with the rice, salad and Naan it was more than enough as a good meal. Meat was deliciously tender and a strong green chili puré tickled your pallet.

I do recommend Tandoori Curry Corner for budget travelers. Dishes prices of €10 or less are hard to find and it tastes great. The fact that they did not serve neither beer or wine did not matter, as you can just turn the corner for a drink. We did!   
Tandoori Curry Corner

Grønland 22
0188 Oslo
22 17 99 06 
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