Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More tapas

I made tapas for my second house warming party yesterday. Here are a few snapshot from  my buffet.
For a low-stress,  easy preparation and clearing up I use small tin containers that you my chuck into the metal and glass recycling bin after the meal. Less mess before and after the meal.

Stuffed mushrooms

A very clever way to serve mushrooms. Remove stalk and stuff the cavity with sweet chili, honey or crema de balsamico.

Press a good Roquefort, Stilton or Gorgonzola cheese on top and bake in the oven until the cheese have melted

How to prepare stuffed mushrooms  - see full story here

Prunes with bacon

Another classic I have prepared may times before. One of the easiest of my tapas, I confess.

One slice of bacon will be enough for three medium sized prunes, or you may have to cut the larger one in two with a pair of scissors.

Just bake in the oven until bacon is brown and crispy. Place some tooth-picks on the side to allow people to pick up the tapas.

Preparing tapas - forty little piggies - read full story here
Albondigas in tomato sauce
Another classic tapas, this one more in line with my famous Meatballs cosa nostra. The Del Monte Italian style Spaghetti sauce I use is sweeter than normal, but it feels properly  balanced when covering the delicious meatballs seasoned with salt, garlic and Italian herbs.

This time I mixed my ground beef with onions, two slices of bread, a red onion and one egg to bind the whole thing together.

Las week I mixed ground beef with a leftover bite of streaky bacon preparing delicious bacon burgers. Restrict the amount of salt as there is more enough in the bacon.

Meatballs cosa nostra - read full story here

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