Friday, March 11, 2011

CLOSED: Salumeria

Prosciutto di Parma affettato by Sun Taro
May last year I found that a small Italian deli had been opened in the old Bazaars surrounding Oslo Cathedral. It had been open for a year, without me discovering it. When passing on Tuesday I discovered that it had closed.

The mainstream Norwegian agricultural has been protected by government for decades. It has concentrated on competing with large scale producers in Europe. A small scale food production like ours, should, in my mind, diversify. Like the Italian and Spanish producers of cheese and cured meats.

As Norway is outside the common market, outrageous duties are charged on imported quality foods, as well as ordinary agricultural produce. This makes small delis like Salumeria struggle. My questions to the authorities is why importers of small quantities should pay the same duty as the large supermarket chains? There should be a graded duty system in place to help them survive.

It is most certainly our duty to help suppliers of foreign quality foods pull through. Without them, the Oslo culinary scene would be so much poorer. For Salumeria it is too late.

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AfraidToFlyGirl said...

For some reason, I used to think prosciutto was some sort of fancy cheese. :)