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Bone-in rib steak or entrecote - a delicious cut of meat

Delicious, tender, marbled bone-in steak
This cut of meat, bone-in rib steak or entrecôte in French, is, according to many the very best cut of beef you can get. This as it is marbled with fat, thus remaining more moist and succulent than the fillet. The biggest problem concerning Norwegian entrecôte is whether the meat has been left to mature in order to get tenderized. My experience is that it has often been tough. Not the case with the cut we bought last weekend.

We went to my local supermarket. It offered different qualities, but my sister knew what to choose. The First Price brand is often considered to offer cheap and medium quality products. My sister had, however, tried the First Price entrecôte and found it, to her surprise, not only to be inexpensive (€17 per kilo), but also very tender.

I, personally, had my doubts, but as she was determined that it was her treat, I gave in.

Dinner take 1 - steaks

We bought dauphinois potatoes, fresh asparagus, onions and Bearnaise sauce and went home.

Entrecôte and my sister's fried onions
Believe it or not, the bone-in rib steak was delicately marbled with fat and surprisingly tender. We decided to help us to two 250 gram / 9 oz steaks, fried them in a very hot pan and allowed them to rest.

My sister prepared fried onions á la her late mother-in-law. She poured a few tbsp of oil in a very hot pan stirring constantly two finely sliced onions in the hot oil  then adding 1-2 tsp sugar. The onions turned brown and caramelized.  At the end of the frying time, she added a little hot water to soften the onions.

Another of her ideas was to add the excess hot brown butter to the Bearnaise sauce to get even more of that lovely flavours. It turned out to be a lovely dinner for two, enjoyed with a good bottle of Spanish red wine.

Dinner take 2 - roast

There were 1 kilo / 2,1 lb left for dinner on Sunday. I also had leftover  fried onions, asparagus to make a delicious creamed soup to serve as a first dish, and the second bunch of asparagus was steamed as those prepared the day before.

We decided to prepare the rest of the meat as a roast. I seasoned the roast, and sealed it in very hot butter. I then placed it in a medium hot oven (150C / 250F) for 50 minutes, took it out and allowed it to rest.

It had leftover potatoes as well, and they were baked with some cheese in the oven until the cheese was golden and the sauce started to bubble.

We found that this way to be perfect, as the roast had a delicious crisp crust and had remained red to pink and moist inside.

Dinner take 3 - TV dinner

I was left with around 200 grams / 7 oz of meat, some leftover asparagus and potatoes. I decided that the delicious meat should end up as a few TV-dinners.

I often use tin-foil portion trays in order to prepare dinners for myself for those busy weekday evenings. I took out two of them to prepare dinner for Monday and Tuesday.

This is what I used to make my two TV-dinners

200 grams leftover meat, sliced
2 slices of streaky bacon, diced
250 grams button mushrooms, sliced
2 tbsp leftover caramelized onions
4 leftover asparagus, sliced
4 tbsp leftover baked beans in tomato sauce
1 bag (20 cl / 6,5 fluid oz) brown gravy

I fried the bacon and meat in some hot butter, then adding the button mushrooms. When heated through and as mushrooms start to sweat,  add onions,  asparagus, tomato beans and gravy. Allow to simmer for 20-30 minutes.

Pour in tin foil trays, half with stew, half leftover potatoes. Sprinkle cheese on potatoes. Allow to cool down. 

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