Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Belgian treat

Label of my bloc of foie gras produced by Roger Junca

During my last visit to Brussels, I bought a packet of duck liver foie gras. To my surprise it did not only contain the liver but a second treat that made serving so much easier.

To those of you that have read my stories during they years, some of you may have noticed my passion for foie gras. I know that it is not the most politically correct food to enjoy these days. I can, however, not help myself. I just need to eat goose and duck liver foie gras on a regular basis.

A good conserve to foi gras - a marriage made in heaven
I bought a box containing two small glass containers of duck foie gras, very suitable as a treat for two or three before dinner. It was produced by Roger Junca a firm based in Gibret in south west France.

I loved the small glass containers all set with glass lid and a rubber band, excellent if you would like to use them to serve small treats or even make your own conserves later.

The content was good, but not the best I have tasted, as the characteristic foie gras taste was less characteristic than in other brands I have tasted.

The extra treat, however, was a small glass of delicious jam. Oddly enough, a sweet wine, conserve or even both is perfect to the rich taste provided by a good foie gras.

In my small packet I found a perfect apple conserve with cinnamon, that created that sensational contrasting tasting experience that you yearn for. The packet was a perfect marriage of the French liver and the Belgian conserve made by Dandoy. The latter is primarely renowned for their biscuits,  but I loved the delicious conserve.

I am convinced that I will buy two packets the next time I go to Brussels, saving me time to find an appropriate conserve to my foie gras, and if you see this packet, buy one - as you are in for a treat.

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