Friday, February 25, 2011

A Tuesday treat

It is not often you are offered a culinary treat on a Tuesday, but I tucked into the most delicious Italian Salami by the the start of this week.

I have spoiled my nephews rotten with good food, and consequently most them are slowly converting into passionate foodies. As Knut, my sisters youngest, attended a research conference in Verona in Italy, last autumn, he had a great time visiting restaurants and gourmet food shops in between lectures.

Photo: Beautiful Verona by Tango 7417
And he was eager to share his experiences through the products he purchased. He gave me a large bag of porcini mushrooms, so revered by the Italians, and a chunk of matured parmesan cheese.

He has, since then, ran out of delicacies, except one vacuum packed piece of meat bought in an expensive deli, and I was thrilled when he asked me to share the contents of it.

Neither him, nor I were convinced that it had kept well, in spite of being refrigerated since September, but as we opened the plastic wrapped meat we found that the rich Italian salami  resting inside had remained perfectly fresh. I took out my electric slicing machine, and started the process to create as thin slices as possible.

The salami was rather soft, making it harder to get that supreme Italian quality, but we arranged the precious salami on a glass tray, took meat, white bread and truffle oil to the dinner table and tucked into this treat.

I dare say, it was a greasy experience, but that fat made it so much better, soft and nearly creamy. The salt content was low, and this enhanced the meat flavour. The soft rustically torn bits of soft baguette and rich scented oil worked perfect with the salami. We opened up a bottle of red Pinot Noir, a light wine, and  presto - the tantalizing Tuesday tasty treat was a success.

I am shamed to say that we ate up all the salami, as can be said of all good treats - easy come, easy go or eaten!!    

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