Thursday, February 17, 2011

Salmon sashimi - a light starter

Succulent sliced salmon sashimi with sesame oil, soy and wasabi

Japanese food is getting mainstream, as the eyes of more and more of us are opened to this delicious cuisine. Even I am getting brave enough to make Japanese-style raw dishes at home, as this plate of Salmon sashimi served as a starter a few weeks ago.

When preparing dishes from raw seafood, make sure that you get as high quality ingredients as possible. I used a loin of salmon marked as "Sushi quality". The other important thing is a very sharp knife, in order to get those thin, delicious slices. I used a Japanese ceramic knife, that my nephew bought for me in Japan a few years ago.

Place the salmon on a clean cutting board and start slicing the fish in very thin slices. You will need around 250 grams (9 oz) high quality fish for three plates. Pour 1-2 tbsp soy sauce on two breakfast plates. Arrange salmon on top. Sprinkle fish with some sesame oil.  Do not use too much, as this oil is very pungent and may overwhelm the subtle taste of the fish.

Place some wasabi on the rim of the plate, and serve immediately.

Place more soy, sesame oil and wasabi on the table so the guests may help themselves to more seasoning.

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