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New Galata Restaurant - Istanbul

The Golden Horn with the Asian part of the city in sight

Eating dinner on the Golden Horn is what you do if you dine in the New Galata Restaurant. This as it is located under the Galata Bridge connecting Sultanahmet and Karaköy. This was, as close to a tourist trap, you could get in Istanbul. Fabulous location and reasonable prices, at least compared to what we are used to pay. The food was good - at best!

Rating New Galata Restaurant: BBBB (4,08 points)
  • Location: BBBBB
  • Service: BBBB+
  • Interior & Atmosphere: BBB+
  • Food: BBB+
First serving - ready, steady - go!
Very few of us have ever thought of dining on or even under a bridge. In Istanbul you may do so,  at New Galata Restaurant. It rests on the waters of the strait of the Golden Horn with cars driving over you head, and boats driving past on the water outside as you eat.

New Galata Restaurant is located between the oldest part of town and the Karaköy area, with sights as the Topkapi Palace and the Galata Tower  within walking distance.
We found a generous amount of space under the bridge, with an elegant but slightly cold interior. There were none there, except us (a bad sign really), so we had a lot of room for ourselves, but even with a full restaurant, it would hardly have been felt overcrowded.

Fish pie
We were seated by a formal set table by the window and could enjoy the traffic on the waters outside through the large  windows.

The service was good, considering the fact that we were hijacked by the staff as we passed by. Being hungry for lunch and tired from walking, we ended up as satisfied victims.

We were handed the English menu, and decided,  as I was dining on the wet element, to choose seafood both as starter and main dish.

One whole unspecified fried fish ready to be eaten
I started with a fish pie, i.e. ground fish and seasoning in pastry. Served on a small tray it looked plain, but it tasted very good. Nice crispy pastry and well seasoned.

The main course was one large fish of unknown species, fried and served with a plain green salad with a tomato and a slice of lemon. I found the whole dish a little plain. Loved the crisp skin, but as often, I found that it lacked taste and the meat was a little dry.

I also prefer to have a good sauce, alternatively some melted butter to moisten the fish, but at New Galata Restaurant you were served plain fish and salad.


New Galata Restaurant scored high on location, as it is easy to get to. I do, however, suspect that it is a tourist trap as we were the only guests for lunch and the food was rather plain. The prices was reasonable, at least compared what we are used to pay.

You may have more luck if you order something else than we did, but I suspect that you may go somewhere else to get a great culinary experience.

New Galata Restaurant
Yeni Galata Köprüsü Altı K.B No: 10 Karaköy / ISTANBUL
Phone: 00 90 0212 292 62 15 - 00 90 0212 292 62 16
Fax: 00 90 0212 292 62 19

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Marianne Lowe said...

The come on guy promised us grilled fish with mashed potatoes and vegetables, live music, and complimentary coffee and dessert. He wanted us to be happy eating there and promised we didn't have to pay if we weren't.. On the menu the grilled fish was 30 lira, but we had to buy by the kilo at 80 lira for two. We thought we were getting shrimp salad at 18 lira but got shrimp at 18 and lettuce at 14. Potatoes didn't come with the dinner. After our plates were cleared away, we waited for the free coffee or maybe even the bill. What we got was the owner telling us we needed to move on because he needed the table for his "good customers." When we objected to that insult and the 130 lira bill, he said we were rude and didn't like him because he is Turkish. We never did get the music, coffee, or dessert. This has been our only bad experience in Istanbul. Unfortunately, being duped and insulted at this restaurant was an unpleasant experience, but we don't want to let this one bad time overshadow all the wonderfully friendly and charming people we've encountered here.

Visited July 2011