Thursday, February 17, 2011

More duck confit - with dried figs

Making duck confit is probably one of the most stress-free dinners you can think of. In spite of this, you will be seriously acclaimed by your guests for this dish, as this is one of the finest dining experiences I know. 

You only need duck thighs, and seasoning. I use a roasting bag as this prevents stain in the oven, as well as preserving the meat moist and tender. The third ingredient is time, lots of time. Leave the duck in the oven for 4-5 hours on low heat before removing it for a crisp finish under the grill. In the mean time you can wind down before the guests are arriving. 

And delicious dried figs

I am running out on delicious dried figs I bought at Saluhallen in Göteborg last spring. I have found that they will keep their form, even through a long roasting process. I placed 6 of them in the roasting bag and allowed them to simmer for hours. Delicious juices from the confit made them swell. The gentle sweet spicy aromas combined with the salt, pepper and garlic. Perfect to the tender, delicious duck.

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