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Food stories on Enjoy Food & Travel December 2011

Photo: Aspic with eggs by Anthony Georgeff
Here is a list of food stories published on Enjoy Food & Travel 2011

  • A culinary gift (November 15th 2011)
    My good friend, and Enjoy Food & Travel co-writer Dagfinn Skoglund had his 52nd anniversary last Friday. As one foodie to another, I decided to offer him a culinary gift, and I assembled a few goodies from some of my travels.
  • An excellent taste of toasted onion (February 20th 2011)
    I bought one box of Victoria Taylor's Toasted Onion Herbs Seasoning at Milk & Honey in Salem MA. If I had know how excellent it was, I would have bought two or even three. Now I am sadly running out of this delicious spice mix. 

  • An Indian feast (August 21st 2011)
    My friend Dagfinn served up an Indian feast for me when he arrived at my summer home this summer. Three, reasonably priced Indian casseroles, all vegetarian, of different tastes and strength.

  • A short instruction to some known and unknown edible mushrooms (August 14th 2011)
    Here is a short instructional video found on the YouTube showing some of the most familiar edible mushrooms found in the UK. Here are the chanterelles emphasized as one of the best mushrooms except the precious porcini.
  • A Belgian treat (March 20th 2011)
    During my last visit to Brussels, I bought a packet of duck liver foie gras. To my surprise it did not only contain the liver but a second treat that made serving so much easier.
  • Chicken caramba! (May 30th 2011)
    Caramba!! Solvinge Chicken with mango and chili was hot stuff. Too hot, in fact, and too much salt, but the idea is good. Solvinge has to adjust the product, adding less salt and more sweetness to enhance the mango flavour.
  • Chicken carcass for sale - real budget food! (April 15th 2011)
    This may be a business option for those of you that waste good leftovers by chucking away a carcass of chicken. In Sitges they sell them in the market. Why not? Much of the meat is gone, but much taste remain for a good chicken stock.
  • Christmas 2010 - looking back (December 24th 2011)
    From Vesterålen to Cairo, from the Arctic Circle to the Sahara. That was what I thought would be the case from last Christmas to this one. Instead I sit in Oslo in fog and rain, in the warmest Christmas recorded here in a very long time.

  • Cohen's kosher starters (April 9th 2011)
    It's not just Kosher, it's Cohens! This slogan was found on a brightly purple box of frozen, Jewish style finger food that my family in New York State used as starters in a party in my honour.
  • Crizpy-cheezy-crackerz!! (November 28th 2011)
    You are what you eat, or that is what some claim. In that case I am just junk. I have a tendency to get addicted to highly suspicious varieties of snacks, like these filled cheese crackers I picked up at the local Carrefour Supermarket in Ferney-Voltaire.
  • Cut your own meat - save money (March 16th 2011)
    I was given an electric cutting machine by my friend Terje. I have already saved money by thinly slicing my own cold cuts, bacon and cheese.
    • Delicacies at the Spice Bazaar (September 26th 2011)
      The Istanbul spice bazaar encapsulates mysteries of the east. My friend Suanne roamed its arched passages to catch the mysteries eastern cooking through her camera. Here are a few of her photos.
    • Emmenthal and Gruyere - two hard Swiss cheeses (August 3rd 2011)
      One of my favourite foods to bring home from a destination is cheese. If you have a long journey in front of you, it is wise to choose a mature semi-hard or hard cheese, as soft cheese may melt during transportation. That is why I chose two Swiss cheeses, when visiting the local Carrefour supermarket in Ferney-Voltaire in France.
    • John & Manfred Bearnaise Sauce - a great product (May 26th 2011)
      I am definitely too lazy to make my own butter sauces. I have experienced that making your own Béarnaise and Hollandaise sauce is such an effort. I have found that my favourite brand until now is the Béarnaise manufactured by John & Manfred. This is a sauce that is as close to the home made as you can get.
    • Løten nærstasjon - local food and railwaystation (June 8th 2011)
      There are a growing number of old railway stations that are left unused. Luckily, a few enthusiasts may transform a seemingly worthless property into a meeting place. This is what has happened in Løten, a small community north of Oslo. At Løten nærstasjon you may catch a train, and get a cup of coffee and do some local shopping as well.
    • Mushrooms - fascinating forest delicacies (August 14th 2011)
      Summer of 2011 has provided near perfect conditions for forest mushrooms. Heat and humidity made all kinds pop up as early as July. But beware! As some may be exclusive ingredients in your cooking, others may be harmful, even deadly.

    • My brothers "kabaret" (February 8th 2011)
      My brother and sister-in-law are great cooks. Every Christmas they prepare a large buffet for friends. One of my favourites on the buffet table is "kabaret".
    • Saturday food market at Ferney-Voltaire (September 6th 2011)
      Every Saturday the centre of the little town of Ferney-Voltaire, located close to Geneva, is transformed into a large food market.
    • Sévrina Tajine de Poulet - hardly a taste of Morocco (December 28th 2011) 
      For those of us passionately in love with Morrocan cuisine, making a proper tajine is a labour of love. That was certainly not the version manufactured by Sévrina. It is food in a can, and tastes like something out of a can. Morocco is never there......
    • Sitges food market (April 14th 2011)
      When you have gotten enough of sun, sand, and sea in Sitges, you should visit the large food hall in Sitges. Here you can get a glance of what culinary products Catalonia may offer you.

    • Sommerlykke - a July sandwich snapshot (August 10th 2011)
      Delicious, and easy to make. Scandinavian open sandwiches are like tapas, you move from the traditional to new and intriguing toppings on different kinds of bread. July 2nd I and Enjoy Food & Travel co-writer Susanne Koch enjoyed an open sandwich jam session in my kitchen.

    • Traditional Turkish cuisine (March 3rd 2011)
      Mediterraneans display food in a completely different way than us Northerners. In Galata in Istanbul I ended up admiring foods in a window of a local deli. The only words I understood on the signs was dolma and köfte, but judging from appearance I would not have hesitated to have had a serving.

    • Two terrible products (May 4th 2011)
      I am not into home made foods as many thinks. After a day at work I often look through grocery's shelves, refrigerators or freezers looking for at least something decent or if I am lucky, something very good.
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