Sunday, February 20, 2011

An excellent taste of toasted onion

Help! I am running out of this!!
I bought one box of Victoria Taylor's Toasted Onion Herbs Seasoning at Milk & Honey in Salem MA. If I had know how excellent it was, I would have bought two or even three. Now I am sadly running out of this delicious spice mix.

Milk and Honey Green Grocer's, Salem MA
Food shops as Milk & Honey Green grocer's in Salem MA are the complete counterpart of the large American supermarkets. Instead of a large number of medium quality products, you may pick from locally produced vegetables, and a wide range of exclusive imported and domestic products.

I could (sadly) not bring home produce, dairy products or meats, due to the long journey and mutually restricting international rules between the US and the European Union.

Seasoning, however, is a good idea. I found one (or rather two) small boxes containing spices with salt. Besides the Victoria Taylor's Toasted Onion Herbs Seasoning, the other contained the hot Smokey Paprika Chipotle mix.

As they both salt, you can add them directly to the food. My favourite use for the Victoria Taylor's Toasted Onion Herbs Seasoning is to add it directly to unsalted butter to substitute sauce to roasted meats or spreading on white bread for the most delicious, hot toasted onion bread.

Sadly I will not return to the US in more than a year. I certainly will return to Salem, in order to purchase more Victoria Taylor's Toasted Onion Herbs Seasoning.

See the Victoria Gourmet Website here

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