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100 000 visitors at

3900 visits from Rahway, NJ in January to February 2009 makes it this small city number 2 directing visits to my site after Oslo Norway. Photo: Mojerzey
I changed to Google Analytics, November 5th 2008. Since then, I've monitored the number of visits increase little by little. By February 5th 2011 100 006 had visited my website.

This is not, by any means much, compared to large professional websites. I am, however, elated to have passed this magic number. The fact that my visits originates from 179 countries make me feel that I belong to a truly worldwide web.

Who are the typical
  • 2 out of 6 comes from the US, and 1 out of 6 from Norway
  • You live in one out of 179 countries or territories on all continents
  • Around 8 % (11986) of you live in Oslo, Norway
  • The country with most visits on each continent is: 
    • North America: US - 30590 visits
    • Europe: Norway - 18193 visits
    • Oceania: Australia - 1688 visits
    • Africa: South Africa - 1280 visits
    • Asia: India - 857 visits
    • South America: Brazil - 523 visits
  • You do not live in: 
    • AFRICA - South Sahara, Niger, Chad, Gabon, Central African Republic, Somalia, or Eritrea
    • SOUTH AMERICA - Suriname, French Guyana, and Nicaragua 
    • ASIA - Uzbekistan, North Korea, or Papua New Guinea
  • You are located in more than 10920 cities or communities worldwide
  • 62 % use American English , around 10 % use Norwegian as language
  • You visit in average only 1,4 page per visit and 
  • You are restless, as you only stay 58 seconds on my page in average (do stay longer!!)
  • 88 % only visit once, and 4 % return for a second visit. 1879 of you have visited my page more than 100 times (thanks!)
  • 55 % are directed through google
How interesting to know all this. Thank you to all of you that browse through my page, even though you visit only once. Kindly let me know if there are things you like or dislike.

Tor Johnsen
Enjoy Food & Travel  

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