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Restaurants on Enjoy Food & Travel November 2011

Lamb tagine with apricots served at Café France, Marrakech
To make it easier for you, I have compiled all the rated restaurants and other restaurant stories on Enjoy Food & Travel for the year 2011 on this page. Enjoy!!

Rated restaurants 2011

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  1. Bistro Hotel de France, Ferney-Voltaire: BBBBB- (4,63 points)
    The Bistro Hotel de France in Ferney-Voltaire is the one of two best meals I have in 2011. Superb service and outstanding food and wine package at a very decent price. I am happy to say that Bistro Hotel de France was so different from the Hotel with the same name.
  2. Sanguine Brasserie, Oslo: BBBBB- (4,59 points)
    This is certainly not the last time I will take a Saturday lunch at Sanguine Brasserie. In spite of it being a little pricey, you are bound to be happy when you leave. I and my company chose three different dishes, and all were thrilled by the quality of the meal.

  3. Tandori Curry Corner, Oslo: BBBB+ (4,40 points)
    I have serious doubts, but if you are a guest in the Norwegian capital and determined to have a budget meal, I strongly recommend Tandoori Curry Corner. Here you get a good Indian / Pakistani meal for around €10.

  4. New Galata Restaurant, Istanbul: BBBB (4,08 points)
    Eating dinner on the Golden Horn is what you do if you dine in the New Galata Restaurant. This as it is located under the Galata Bridge connecting Sultanahmet and Karaköy. This was, as close to a tourist trap, you could get in Istanbul.

  5. Cafe Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech: BBBB (4,07 points)
    Café Jardin Majorelle is located in the Majorelle Gardens in Guëliz, the modern part of Marrakech. The gardens were created in 1924 by Jacques Majorelle and is a must to see when visiting Marrakech. Here you can eat or take a cup of coffee or mint tea. Decent modern food and a great location.
  6. Food Story Oslo: BBBB (4,02 points)
    I had visitors from out of town last weekend. They had read a favourable review of the restaurant Food Story in the paper, so we decided to give it a try. Informal, uncomfortable, rustic are words to describe the experience, and the food was great and reasonably priced. 25 EUR for a "all-you-can-eat" tapas menu is not bad!

  7. Cafe Argana, Marrakech: BBBB (4,01 points)
    Every major destination have their tourist traps, even Marrakech. Some of the restaurants around Djemaa el Fna offer great views to the square, but the food is over priced and mediochre. One of these are Café Argana.

  8. Sakura III, Playa del Ingles: BBBB (3,94 points)
    Fine dining is hard to find at Playa del Ingles, even though every kind of cuisine is present at this large resort. Japanese was probable one of the best choices we made. Food at Sakura III was good and reasonably priced

  9. Usaka Sushi Bar, Sitges: BBBB (3,93 points)
    A few of my experience with Asian food in Spain, have been disastrous. This cannot be said about the sushi served at Usaka Sushi Bar in Sitges, but it wasn't intriguing either. My advise is; eat Spanish food in Spain.

  10. Rei O Tartes, Sitges: BBBB (3,90 points)
    Italian at O Rei des Tartes in Sitges was hardly what you could call haute cuisine. Our encounter with a Canneloni may be described as bland if not plain boring, but the staff provided good service.
  11. Råda Rasta, Hagfors: BBBB (3,87 points) 
    I visited Värmland this weekend, and was recommended to try the abundant open sandwiches at Råda Rasta by the Råda Lake. They are famous throughout the county and even beyond, and people travel to this small roadside cafeteria to indulge.

  12. Restaurant le Vismet, Brussels BBBB: (3,85 points)
    It is all a pity really, as I liked the atmosphere at Restaurant le Vismet, but judging from the seafood risotto, I would certainly look for another a place to eat seafood at Place Saint-Cathérine.

  13. Eguzki-Lizarran, Sitges: BBBB- (3,73 points)
    I love Spain, and I love Spanish tapas. My favourites are the Basque style pintxos, small crispy slices baguette with delicious toppings. In Sitges, Eguzki-Lizarran is definitely the place to enjoy this specialty.

  14. Unknown kneipe; Kiel: BBBB- (3,58 points) Germany is not known for light food, but rather rustic and rich dishes. I personally love German sausages. When we were in Kiel this spring, we ended in a kneipe. Sadly I have forgotten its name, but there we tucked into a tasty fried sausage or bratwürst as it is called in the native tongue.

  15. Caffe Graziani, Salem MA: BBBB- (3,57 points)
    In the middle of the historic centre of Salem MA, Caffe Graziani is tempting with Italian specialties. Language spoken inside is Italian, and it has a kind of a Italian atmosphere. Food, however, did not tickle my taste buds. The two courses did not match the food I have eaten in the home country.

  16. Bougainvillea Café, Marrakech: BBB+ (3,52 points)
    Bougainvillea Café is a popular café located in the Marrakech souq. It is set in a beautiful courtyard dcorated in a typical Moroccan style. The food, was, however a disappointment. Bougainvillea Café is great for a cold refreshment, but go elsewhere for lunch or dinner.

  17. Red Cow, Playa del Ingles: BBB+ (3,52 points)
    It is a long time since I ate lasagne at Playa del Ingles. So long, in fact, and in absence of good photos, it would not be right to give a full review, but it was not a memorable experience.
  18. Grand Buffet - M/F Color Fantasy: BBBB- (3,51 points)
    Buffet restaurants are certainly not among my favourites, and dining at the Grand Buffet at M/F Color Fantasy did not change that. Packed with people and little personal space was the down side of our experience, and the food was decent but not very memorable. We've had it all before!

  19. D'Angelo, Boston: BBB (2,86 points)
    D’Angelo is a New England fast food chain. The first opened its doors as Ma Riva's Sub Shop on March 1, 1967, in Dedham, Massachusetts. The philosophy was to "put the best quality meats, cheeses and toppings in the freshest breads and serve it friendly and fast." It serves sandwiches, salads, wraps made to order. I grabbed a sandwich at its shop at Boston Bus Terminal. It was cheap, but that was it 
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