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Recipes on Enjoy Food & Travel - December 2011

Photo: Norwegian open sandwiches by tuey

To make it easier for you, I have compiled all the recipes on Enjoy Food &Travel for the year 2011 on this page. Enjoy!!

  • A bird in a bag - an American food story (November 24th 2011)
    Today it is Thanksgiving, and to celebrate this family event, I republish one of my first stories here on Enjoy Food & Travel from November 2006, where my cousin Ann tells an inventive way to prepare a turkey. 

  • A 50th Anniversary buffet menu (September 3rd 2011)
    I turned 50 in July, but I have decided to celebrate this event with my friends this September. As the first date approaches, I will share the buffet menu for the party today, Saturday September 3rd.

  • A midsummer barbeque (August 17th 2011)
    Summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Here in the far north we have just a few hours of night or dusk, rather. This year I celebrated mid summer in Sweden, with my friend Terje and his mother, and what else to enjoy this day than a meal from a hot grill.

  • Albondigas in tomato sauce  (March 22nd 2011)
    Another classic tapas, this one more in line with my famous Meatballs cosa nostra.

  • Aquavit marinated salmon and whipped salmon mousse on French toast (January 5th 2011)
    In Norway open salmon sandwiches are served on scrambled eggs. I am inspired by the Jewish  bagels with cream cheese and lox served in many delis in the US. Why not add salmon to cheese as well as the topping for double delicacy.
  • Baked lobster with scallops (October 19th 2011)
    On and off you are given a special offer at the supermarket that is hard to resist - three small frozen Canadian lobster for NOK 99 ($16 / €12). This summer I prepared baked lobster with scallops as appetizer at my summer home

  • Bone-in rib steak or entrecote - a delicious cut of meat (March 9th 2011)
    This cut of meat, bone-in rib steak or entrecôte in French, is, according to many the very best cut of beef you can get. This as it is marbled with fat, thus remaining more moist and succulent than the fillet.

  • Build your own burger (December 13th 2011)
    A hamburger buffet is a winner. Informal, as everyone may build their own burger, as I did. A double decker to die for with two large moose burgers and nearly all the ingredients on the buffet. It was so tall that I had to impale them with a wooden skewer in order for the stack to stick.

  • Chorizo in sherry wine (April 5th 2011)
    I love the spicy Spanish chorizo sausages, bursting with spicy paprika powder, garlic and olive oil.
  • Delicious home made sashimi (September 12th 2011)
    Making sushi requires skills, whereas preparing sashimi, you basically need a very sharp knife. Back in 2007 I was given a Japanese knife with a ceramic blade. With this precision instrument, I can slice meat, fish or vegetables wafer thin.

  • Different ways to poach an egg (August 17th 2011)
    There are more ways to skin a cat, or poach an egg. Enjoy Food & Travel co-writer Susanne did it the way shown on this film clip on YouTube. There are, however, other ways that may work equally good. Here are a few other films on the subject that may be of interest to poachers.

  • Duck liver paté (September 21st 2011)
    I love duck meat, and recently I made my first duck liver paté, and I found the process extremely easy and the end result excellent! There is no reason why YOU should not make your own, provided you get hold of good quality duck liver. You can also substitute the duck liver with chicken liver.

  • Egglet with frankfurters (July 23rd 2011)
    My good friend Dagfinn certainly knows how to make a good egg, sunny side up. He prepared a delicious "egglette" with Danish bangers for breakfast when staying at our summer home.

  • Ground chicken and bacon meatloaf - an easy and cheap dish (September 2nd 2011)
    Making a meatloaf is probably one of the easiest ways to use ground beef. Here you just mix all the ingredients in a food processor. Instead of shaping the ground beef mix into meatballs or larger sized hamburgers you just place it all in a bread tin and bake in the oven.

  • Hotter than hell Buffalo wings (October 9th 2011)
    I served Buffalo Wings at my 50th anniversary buffet. These were among the favourites of my friends. I used ready made Buffalo Wing mix bought in the US. 

  • How to improve a Knorr pepper sauce (August 17th 2011)
    I gladly admit that I resort to a packet of Knorr sauce when I am in a hurry. I do, however, NOT serve it as it is, as most of these products turn out bland, if not enriched with a few basic ingredients



  • Marinated fillet of moose  (June 9th 2011)
    My sister brought a fillet of moose from her freezer, when visiting a few weeks ago. We decided to marinate it for three days before baking it, and as helped us to our first serving, I asked myself; why do I not do this more often.

  • Menu: My final 50th anniversary party (September 27th 2011)
    My second 50th anniversary was celebrated on September 17th, in my appartment. This tine I prepared a Danish Open Sandwich buffet. Here is the menu I presented to my guests.

  • Midsummer barbeque (August 17th 2011)
    Summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Here in the far north we have just a few hours of night or dusk, rather. This year I celebrated mid summer in Sweden, with my friend Terje and his mother, and what else to enjoy this day than a meal from a hot grill.

  • Mini croissants (April 5th 2011)
    I love Swiss croissants. I use premade Sara Lee croissants dough. 

  • More duck confit - with dried figs (February 17th 2011)
    Making duck confit is probably one of the most stress-free dinners you can think of. In spite of this, you will be seriously acclaimed by your guests for this dish, as this is one of the finest dining experiences I know. 
  • One minute bechamel (June 20th 2011)
    As I urged for a white sauce topping, I was forced to improvise, and I waived my magic culinary wand, and presto! A one-minute-bechamel-sauce, literally made within a minute.
  • Open sandwich with poached egg and Spanish serrano ham (August 10th 2011)
    Susanne has told how she explored and finally mastered the art of poaching eggs earlier on Enjoy Food & Travel. That evening she initiated me into the secrets of this process. I was very happy that she did, as I am a fan of poached eggs, particularly when served as toast Benedict.
  • Open sandwich with prawns, artichoke hearts and ruccola (August 10th 2011)
    We bought enough prawns for two open sandwiches, i.e. around 1/2 kilo or a little more than a pound. We toasted one focaccia each, allowed some Kviteseid butter to melt into it, topped the bread with peeled prawns and a large dollop of Hellmann's mayonnaise.
  • Pacific oyster - an invasive species prepared on the grill (August 17th 2011)
    As my friend Dagfinn stayed on the Swedish east coast this summer, he did his turn combatting the Pacific Oyster, an invasive species, that spread in our waters. Doing this, he enjoyed a delicious meal in the meantime.
  • Preparing pork rib: How to crack the crispy crackling code (December 6th 2011)
    Last Wednesday I made my first of the year, and I did it just the same way as last year. Prebaking it in a very low oven, increasing the heat, using the fan-function in order to get that xtra crunch.  

  • Prunes with bacon (March 22nd 2011)
    Another classic I have prepared may times before. One of the easiest of my tapas, I confess.
  • Roasting turkey in a paper bag? Yes, it's possible! (November 24th 2011)
    Back in 2006 when I wrote my cousin's story, I did not check whether using a brown paper bag was a well-known way to roast a turkey. Now I checked YouTube and found numerous references to this method. Here is one, as an example on how to do it. Just look, learn and Enjoy!

  • Rømmegrøt - a culinary bombshell for Christmas? (December 25th 2011)
    Norwegian rømmegrøt or Sour Cream porridge may get a renaissance in these low-carb times. If made the right way, it will have fat in abundance. It is usually made for festive occasions, and the Americans above serve it for Christmas.
  • Salmon sashimi - a light starter (February 17th 2011)
    Japanese food is getting mainstream, as the eyes of more and more of us are opened to this delicious cuisine. Even I am getting brave enough to make Japanese-style raw dishes at home, as this plate of Salmon sashimi served as a starter a few weeks ago.
  • Salmon Swirls (April 5th 2011)
    Salmon swirls are one of my favourites. Cut the slices of salmon into strips. Mix cream cheese with thai chili dipping sauce. 

  • Sommerlykke - a July sandwich snapshot (August 10th 2011)
    July 2nd I and Enjoy Food & Travel co-writer Susanne Koch enjoyed an open sandwich jam session in my kitchen. She sent me a small poster yesterday to sum up our delicious summer meal on my terrace.

  • Stuffed mushrooms (March 22nd 2011)
    A very clever way to serve mushrooms. Remove stalk and stuff the cavity with sweet chili, honey or crema de balsamico.
  • Yikes - a giant moose burger coming! (October 16th 2011)
    There is nothing like a good burger. The day before leaving for the United States, I made one helluva burger for my two visiting nephews, and I used ground moose meat. Yikes! That was one of my best burgers ever.

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