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Rating Sakura III, Playa del Ingles

Elegant Japanese paneling in light wood
Fine dining is hard to find at Playa del Ingles, even though every kind of cuisine is present at this large resort. Japanese was probable one of the best choices we took. Food at Sakura III was good and reasonably priced.

Rating Sakura III, Playa del Ingles: BBBB (3,94 points)
  • Location: BBB+
  • Service: BBBB
  • Interior & atmosphere: BBBB
  • Food: BBBB
Street scene, Playa del Ingles
Sakura is located in Playa del Ingles, just a short walk way away from the Yumbo centre.

The area is just as most of the other neighbourhoods of this resort, filled up with larger hotels and apartment buildings. No charm or character, that is, but that is what you get when traveling to most tourist destinations of the Canary Islands. It is the sun, sand and sea that you're there for.
Seating with good distance to neighbouring tables
We were seated in a classic Japanese interior. Wall covered in panels in light wood. The wooden theme was continuated in the furniture. Clean tiled floors.

The interior did feel a little stripped down and sterile, but it was a welcome contrast to many other tasteless restaurant interiors found at Playa del Ingles.

We were well seated, with good distance to other tables. Not that it mattered, really, as there were just a few present eating. The tables were elegantly set with white china, wine glasses, napkins and cutlery. 

We were quite alone in the restaurant during our meal. That meant that the staff could concentrate on the few guests that were there. We chose from a large menu translated to most major languages, and we were served with no delay.
Delicious, rich fish broth
I ordered a noodle soup with seafood and crispy duck with soft pancakes. Two good choices.

The soup was served in a brightly coloured blue and white bowl. It was based on a rich seafood broth with a generous amounts of mussels, prawns and calamaris added.

Seafood and noodles perfectly prepared,  noodles being slightly undercooked "al dente" and seafood tender, not tough, due to short cooking in the broth.

Pleasant seafood flavour, salted in moderation. Good balance to sweet and sour contrasting flavours.
Dinky pancakes filled with crispy duck

The duck was served "Peking style", i.e.  crispy slices of duck wrapped in thin soft pancakes with sweet sauce and freshly cut spring onions.

This was the ready-to-go version, as I have previously been served all the ingredients separately and had to assemble the whole dish myself. For all I know it may be a separate Japanese version.

The "rolls" were beautifully arranged on a large white plate surrounding an ornate flower made from carrot. Beautifully crispy duck meat meets soft rich dough! Yum. The rich bean based sweetness meets the fresh spring onion! Yum! This was seriously good.

We enjoyed a good cold beer to it all, and it was, as usual perfect to the Japanese style food. 

Sakura III certainly delivered the Japanese experience we were looking for. A well balanced and tasty meal at a reasonble price. Definitely one out a few to recommend at Playa del Ingles.


Sakura III
Avenida Tirajana, 1, Playa del Ingles, Grand Canary, Spain

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