Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A New Year's Day brunch

I invited friends for the annual New Year's Day brunch. I prepare traditional open sandwiches with a twist on this occasion. This year I developed some brand new varieties. Here are what I served for my guests.

Liverpaté, crispy bacon, Italian porcini and truffle aspic on Danish rye bread

This sandwich is based on the classic Danish open sandwich where bacon, pickled cucumber, bacon and aspic are basic ingredients.
Instead of button mushrooms, I have upgraded  the open sandwiches to hold fried porcinis and truffle oil is added to the aspic for that extra special aroma.

5 slices of dark Danish rye bread
15 slices of Danish liverpaté
5 slices of crispy fried bacon
Handful of Italian porcini, soaked and fried in butter
5 slices of Truffle aspic
Pickled cucumber

Fry the bacon in the oven until golden and crisp. Dry on kitchen paper to remove excess fat.

Prepare aspic by dissolving 1/2 packet of aspic powder in hot water adding truffle oil. Cool down in refrigerator until set.

Place three slices of paté on each slice of rye bread. Place 1/2 slice of crispy bacon on each side of the middle piece of paté. Fill fried porcini mushroom between the bacon and truffle aspic and pickled cucumber on each of the other pieces of paté.

Nut ham from the Ardenne region on Dijon mayonnaise, egg terrine, and spanish pepperson Danish rye bread

This open sandwich is based on the smoked and cured ham and scrambles eggs variety often served in Norway. The Dijon mayonnaise is a delicious contrast to the neutral but rich egg terrine.

Egg terrine (eggestand)

8 eggs
5 cl water
50 grams grated cheese
4 Spanish pimientos, thinly sliced
Salt and pepper

5 slices Danish rye bread
15 slices nut ham from the Ardenne or another high quality smoked ham
10 slices of egg terrine
Dijon mayonnaise made from 2 tbsp Dijon mustard and 2 tbsp Hellmann's mayonnaise

Spread mustard mayonnaise on the rye bread. Fold the ham twice until their form small rolls. Place ham and egg terrine on bread. Garnish with red peppers.

Norwegian prawns in thai chili aioli with roe and trout eggs on French toast

The Danes make their Skagenrøre mixing mayonnaise, raw onions and fish roe with freshly peeled prawns. The garlic and thai chili sauce adds even more contrasts to the salad, but be aware that too much of these ingredients may overwhelm the fresh taste of the delicious fresh prawns.

Mix the thai chili aioli from the following ingredients:

3 tbsp Hellmann's mayonnaise
3 tbsp sour cream
3 cloves garlic, finely minced
2 teaspoons sweet Thai chili sauce
1 small glass of fish roe (optional)

Allow mayonnaise to set in refrigerator overnight. Do not add fish roe before assembling the sandwiches.

Toast 5 slices fine French loaf.

Mix 300 grams peeled prawns with the mayonnaise, then add fish roe. Place on bread 10-15 minutes before serving in order for the bread not to turn soggy.

Aquavit marinated salmon and whipped salmon mousse on French toast

In Norway open salmon sandwiches are served on scrambled eggs. I am inspired by the Jewish  bagels with cream cheese and lox served in many delis in the US. Why not add salmon to cheese as well as the topping for double delicacy.

Make whipped salmon mousse from:

1 box Philadelphia Cream cheese
2 tbsp sour cream
2-3 slices smoked salmon
1-2 tbsp tomato ketchup

Mix cream cheese and sour cream well. Place in a blender, and add smoked salmon and blend it all into a fine cream. Check in order to add more salt, then add tomato ketchup for colour and sweetness.

Toast 5 slices fine French loaf. Place salmon mousse on bread 10-15 minutes before serving in order for the bread not to turn soggy. Cover cream and bread completely with smoked salmon. Pour 1 cl akvavit over each slice of bread.

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