Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jelly cup with chocolate mousse

Ridiculously easy to make, an assembling job, really, but the Jelly cup with chocolate mousse looks impressive and it tastes good to! 

Photo: Kraft food website
I am no dessert cook, and I often go for easy solutions when serving a sweet end to a good meal.

I look back on brightly coloured and tasty fruit jelly as one of the highlights on children parties back in my childhood. Similarly I love the richness of a creamy chocolate mousse. My idea was then. Why not bring the two together in perfect harmony. When you can make both from a packet, you can whip this dessert together in a moment

Ideally orange jelly would be the best, as a good Cointreau or Grand Marnier adds taste and sophistication to a chocolate dessert. I failed to find orange jelly and choose strawberry flavour. To make it just follow the instruction on the packet.

Norwegian manufacturer Freia, owned by Kraft food, makes different flavoured jelly. To prepare it, follow the instruction on the packet of your favourite brand. I simply dissolved the powder in hot water and whisked it until all was dissolved.

To create the party atmosphere, I filled the brightly red hot jelly in tall wine glasses, placed them in the refrigerator to cool down before I started preparing the chocolate mousse.

Photo: Freia chocolate and Tiramisu mousse
Freia also makes mix for chocolate mousse, and they get, in my opininion as delicious and creamy as the home made one, and you may add a twist by adding a suite booze, as brandy or even better Cointreau or Grad Marnier.

As I had fruit flavour in the bottom of my festive glasses, I decided to just prepare the mousse according to the instructions on the packet. Pour the mousse over the jelly and decorate with what you'd fancy. I used an ornament made from dark Belgian chocolate. 

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