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Hotel stories on Enjoy Food & Travel December 2011

Spacious room at Hotel Armada, Istanbul. Photo: Hotel website
To make it easier for you, I have compiled all the hotels on Enjoy Food & Travel for the year 2011 on this page. Enjoy!

Rated Hotels on Enjoy Food & Travel 2011

  1. The Inn at Harvard: BBBB (4,05 points)
    I wanted us to have one night in a nice hotel, and I was pleased to get a comfortable hotel room at the Inn at Harvard. It was pricy, indeed, to stay there ($335 per night), but it was all in all a pleasant hotel experience.

  2. Riad Libitibito, Marrakech: BBBB (4,04 points)
    Marrakech offers a wide range of accommodation to tourists. Staying in a riad in the Medina, the old city, is something to consider, for those of you looking for a piece of the real Morocco. We chose to stay at Riad Libitibito for a week, and we did not regret that choice.

  3. Suite, M/F Color Fantasy: BBBB (3,81 points)
    I have traveled on luxury class on ferries before, but most often I have attended conferences thus not having to worry about how much to pay. My experience is when staying in any exclusive cabin on ferries sailing between Norway and the continent that you will not get a product according to the price you pay.

  4. Hotel Port Sitges Resort, Sitges: BBBB- (3,70 points)
    We had high expectations to our stay at the Hotel Port Sitges Resort. We wanted to stay outside the town, and enjoying seafront views and especially silence.

  5. Park Inn Oslo Airport, Oslo: BBB+ (3,59 points)
    I had expectations when booking a room at Park Inn Oslo Airport. Not only is it one of the newest hotels in Oslo, but the design is supposed to be best Scandinavia has to offer.

  6. Hotel de France, Ferney-Voltaire: BBB+ (3,44 points)
    I had high hopes for my stay at Hotel de France. I dare say that I was quite disappointed. It felt budget and was overpriced compared to what you paid.

  7. City Living Hotel Schøller, Trondheim: BBB+ (3,37 points)
    Hotels rooms are getting increasingly expensive throughout Norway. Rooms in first class hotels in major Norwegian cities, are among the most costly in Europe. With this in mind, I got away with a modest expense when staying in City Living Hotel Schøller in Trondheim, but what was offered were the bare necessities.
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    1. Acommodation in Oslo for under €100
      For tourists, Oslo is an extremely expensive city to stay. Hotel prices are among the highest in Europe, but there are exceptions. Recently I discovered Gjestehuset Lovisenberg, offering hotel rooms from €65 and up. 

    2. - private accommodation worldwide
      Decent accommodation is getting more and more expensive. On hotel booking sites it is hard to find hotels under 200 USD per night in cities as New York or Boston, unless you want to stay way outside the city centre. The alternative is private accommodation, and at, you can find budget rooms in people’s homes. 

    3. Aria Resort & Casino i Las Vegas in a $ 373 million lawsuit
      The Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is experiencing a legal nightmare. Five guests have filed a huge legal claim after supposedly having contracting legionnaire's disease from what they claim is contaminated hot water.

    4. Coming up: Hotel de France, Ferney-Voltaire
      From June 9th to June 12th I will visit Geneva, Switzerland. As accommodation is, as everything else, expensive in this country, we will use the city’s proximity to neighbouring France to our advantage

    5. CANCELLED - COMING UP IN DECEMBER 2011: Kempinski Nile Hotel, Cairo
      When booking our Christmas trip to Cairo, Egypt, we chose Kempinski Nile Hotel as our base during our one-week stay. In Cairo you get much hotel for your money, and I guess we would have paid three time the price for a similar hotel at a European destination.  

    6. COMING UP JULY 2011: Hotel Port Sitges Resort
      Summer is finally here, and one week in July will be pent in sunny Espana!!  Our choice of hotel in Sitges in 2011 is Hotel Port Sitges Resort.

    7. COMING UP SEPTEMBER 2011: City Living Schøller Hotel, Trondheim
      In September, I will attend a conference in Trondheim, in the mid part of Norway. Trondheim once was the religious capital in the country with the shrine of Saint Olaf and Nidaros Cathedral. Here I will stay at City Living Hotel Schøller.

    8. COMING UP OCTOBER 2011: The Inn at Harvard, Cambridge MA
      Coming month I will have my annual trip to New England. This time I will travel with my nephew, and I have decided to treat him to one night in a hotel in Boston. This time we will stay at the Inn at Harvard, by one (or maybe the) most prestigious university in the world.   

    9. Hotel Port Sitges Resort - my feedback to
      I will soon present my total review on Hotel Port Sitges Resort. What I always do, is to give my opinion to the hotel booking sites when asked. There was not much to put your finger on at Hotel Port Sitges Resort. I gave the hotel a 9,6 out of 10 on my review on 

    10. Hotel Port Sitges Resort - photos and videos from the marina and neighbouring areas
      Here are two films from my YouTube account and a few extra snapshots to give you an idea about the Hotel Port Sitges Resort and the neighbouring area. 

    11. in trouble?
      In recent days there has been focus on hotel booking sites on the net, and in particular Who or what party does hotel booking sites represent, affiliated hotels, the customer, or merely themselves?

    12. Hotels in Brussels
      I have very good experiences with Brussels hotels. Compared to neighbouring Paris, you can get weekend rates at very comfortable prices. As Brussels is the European capital, rates may be two, three even four times during the working week.

    13. Inn At Harvard - interior and rooms
      The Inn at Harvard has been the best hotel experience in 2011. Here are a few pictures from the hotel not added to my previous review.

    14. NEW JANUARY 2012: Stella Maris Hotel, Hamburg Germany
      In January I will send a weekend in Hamburg Germany. After browsing the hotel booking sites, we ended up choosing Stella Maris Hotel. This as it was inexpensive and highly ranked both in tripadvisor and among guests at

    15. Palais Donab, Marrakech - an exclusive riad
      Marrakech has accommodation for all wallets. Backpackers may find inexpensive rooms at a much higher standard than in Europe. For those of you with a comfortable bank balance, there are wide range of luxurious hotels and riads, as the Palais Donab close to where we stayed in January this year.  

    16. Radisson Blu awarded best national and international hotel chain
      Radisson Blu has been awarded best national and international hotel chain in the Norwegian Grand Travel Award by Norwegian agents. Radisson Blu, former Radisson Sas Hotels, was taken over by German Rezidor Group a few years ago. Rezidor is also running the Park Inn hotels.

    17. The Thayer Hotel, West Point N.Y.
      When visiting West Point I was impressed by the elegant Thayer Hotel.  It is located on the grounds of West Point Military Academy in New York State. It goes back to 1926 and has undergone several expansions since then.

    18. Top 5 hotels 2008-2001
      Enjoy Food & Travel has ranked 50 hotels around the world since 2006. We revised and standardized our reviews in 2008, and here is a list of top 5 hotels ranked on Enjoy Food & Travel the last 5 years.

    19. €300 per night for regular hotel rooms in Bergen? Maybe, but not in November!
      Bergen, Norway, is one of the most expensive cities in Europe for tourists to stay in. Norwegian papers reported that you may to pay up to €300 for a moderately sized room. Expensive hotels and bad service threatens Bergen reputation as one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Norway. 
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