Saturday, November 13, 2010

Memorial plaques for wrecked ships, Scituate MA

Scituate MA is located by a rough coastline, that has threatened seafarers during centuries. On the small peninsula holding the old lighthouse you find two small memorial plaques telling stories from two of these dramas at sea.

The pilot boat Columbia and the Portland Gale (1898)

The oldest plaque tells the story about the pilot boat Columbia that went on ground in Scituate during severe weather November 27th 1898. That same night a ship, Portland Gale, went down as well.

All hands was lost, refers probably to the the men of Columbia, as well as Portland Gale.

The tragedy that struck Portland Gale and the Columbia was commemorated and remembered a century later with this plaque. This as severe Nor'easters frequently strike this coastline. I was stranded in the US due to one many years ago, but that is another story.

Freighter Etrusco (1956)

The story of the Italian freighter Etrusco had a good end - all hands safe. This story has a peculiar connection to one member of my staff.

As I started in my current job, I had a talk with one of my colleagues, mentioning that I take one annual trip to Scituate. She was baffled, as she had stayed there during the rescue operation of - yes- the Italian freighter Etrusco.

The ship grounded in March 1956 under much the same conditions as the Portland Gale, but she stayed afloat and was pulled off in November the same year.

Here father was responsible for the ship's rescue.

Life is full of surprises......

Friday, November 12, 2010

Non-stop flights from Norway - news November 2010

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Ryanair launch four new destinations from Rygge Airport in November 2010. Travelers from Oslo may get to know Morocco better, as Norwegian Air Shuttle opens weekly flights from Oslo Airport to Agadir by the Atlantic coast. November offers few new flights, and other flights to other destinations close for the winter. Here are the latest on non-stop flights from Norway November 2010

Oslo Airport:
  • NEW: Agadir, Morocco (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
    Norwegian Air Shuttle will start weekly flights from Oslo Airport to Agadir Morocco from November 6th. At the same time it will start a second weekly flight to Marrakech.
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  • NEW: Liverpool, United Kingdom (Ryanair)

  • NEW: London-Gatwick, United Kingdom (Ryanair)

  • NEW: Rome, Italy (Ryanair)

  • NEW: Tampere, Finland (Ryanair)
    Ryanair starts 4 weekly flights from Rygge Airport to Tampere, Finland from October 31st. Tampere is a major industrial centre and the third largest city in Finland.
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Stavanger Airport:
  • WINTER BREAK: Alicante, Spain (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
Torp Airport:
  • NEW: Alicante, Spain (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
Trondheim Airport
  • CLOSE: Antalya, Turkey (Norwegian Air Shuttle)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rating Jake's Seafood, Hull MA

My cousin and I went for a spin one day, and we ended by Nantasket Beach in Hull. After admiring the fish market at Jake's Seafood, we ended up in the restaurant / diner. Here I was served lobster meat in a wrap. Delish!!!

Total score: BBBB (3,83 points)
  • Location BBB+
  • Service: BBBB
  • Interior: BBBB
  • Food: BBBB
Hull - a seaside resort waiting for a new dawn

Jake's Seafood is located in Hull, a community located on a long narrow peninsula on Boston's south shore. It used to be a busy seaside resort during summer, as its Nantasket Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

Beaches of Northern New England - see story here

Hull has experienced what many other summer resorts has the last years. Even busy during summer, much of its seaside businesses have disappeared and many buildings have been left in disrepair.

The whole area is waiting for a new dawn. This as Hull is close to Boston and accessible for those of you without cars. You can take a ferry service from the city harbour, and visit Jake's Seafood.

Impressive menu at a seaside diner

The staff gives you good service with a smile, and you can order and are served your food swiftly.

The interior underlines its proximity to the ocean as a whole range range of maritime and seaside objects mixed with fish or seagulls on pale blue walls. It feels like a diner by the sea, correction; Jake is a seaside diner.

This reflects its impressive menu, where you may pick appetizers, soups, salads, hot dishes all made with fresh shellfish, mussels, and fish.

Lobsters on all channels

At Jake's Seafood they serve lobsters steamed, deep fried steamed or cold, in stews, in a bun, or in a salad. I chose mine neatly cut and served as a lobster wrap.

I loved the idea of eating the delicacy in this way, with crunchy salad leaves, tomatoes and dressing.

The soft and sweet meat tucked in an equally soft wheat tortilla. Great stuff. The only thing I did not understand was it served with rice. I tasted the little side dish but concentrated immediately on the wrap and left the rice where it was.


Jake's Seafood is a great place to dine on the South Shore. Although located in a slightly depressed neighbourhood, this small community has potential. It waits for a new dawn.

Accessible for tourists by boat from Boston Harbour.

Enormous seafood menu offer appetizers and entrees at decent prices.

Recommended if you would like to take a day-trip. Ask at you hotel how you get to Hull. Enjoy!

Jake's Seafood
50 George Washington Boulevard
Hull, MA 02045-3012

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

COMING UP NOVEMBER 2010: Thon Hotel Polar, Tromsø

November 17th to November 19th I will attend a Cancer Research Congress in Tromsø, the largest Norwegian city north of the Polar Circle. This is my second visit to the "Paris of the North." I will stay at Thon Hotel Polar during the weekend, but the weekend will be spent with my nephew Martin, currently attending medical school at the University of Tromsø.

I visited Tromsø one day back in 1984 and I do look forward to revisit this beautiful city.

The Thon Hotel Polar belongs to the Thon Budget hotels offering guests a modest standard at a reasonable price. I have only stayed at one Thon Budget Hotel earlier, the Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge. I found it to be a budget hotel at the lower end of the scale.

Cheap stay at Thon Hotell Bergen Brygge - see full review here

Thon Hotel Polar is located in Grønnegata, in the middle of Tromsø. The city is called Paris of the North as it is widely famous for its restaurants, bars and cultural scene.

Thon Hotel Polar offers 130 rooms, and free wireless internet access throughout the building.

Egon Restaurant offers breakfast from 7 AM weekdays, 6 AM in weekends. Guests may eat lunch and dinner at the hotel.

I made my reservation though, my favourite hotel booking service. I will pay NOK 810 including breakfast. It is cheap, and as a comparison I would have paid double price at the neighbouring conference hotel.

I look forward share my memories from the city of Tromsø and present a full review of Thon Hotel Polar to you here on Enjoy Food & Travel.

Thon Hotel Polar
Grønnegata 45, 9008 Tromsø
Tel: +47 77 75 17 00
Fax: +47 77 75 17 10

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