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Seasonal flights ending August - September 2010

Photo montage of New York by jleon
Several airlines end seasonal flights in August / September 2010. This affects travels from airports to Mediterranean summer resorts, and direct connections from main airports to the United States over Iceland. Here is a list of a few non-stop flights that will end in August and September 2010.

Bergen Airport:
  • Icelandair - Iceland: Reykjavik (Last flight September 26th 2010)
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  • Norwegian Air Shuttle - Croatia: Split (Last flight September 29th 2010)
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle - Turkey: Antalya (Last flight September 28th 2010)
See updated map of direct flights from Bergen Airport here

Oslo Airport
  • Iceland Express - Iceland: Reykjavik (Last flight August 31st 2010)
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  • Norwegian Air Shuttle - Bulgaria: Varna (Last flight August 12th 2010)
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle - Croatia: Rijeka (Last flight August 11th 2010)
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle - Greece: Heraklion (Last flight August 13th 2010)
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle - Greece: Korfu (Last flight September 24th 2010)
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle - Greece: Kos (Last flight August 15th 2010)
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle - Greece: Rhodes (Last flight August 15th 2010)
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle - Greece: Santorini (Last flight August 15th 2010)
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle - Spain: Ibiza (Last flight August 14th 2010)
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle - Turkey: Istanbul Sabiha (Last flight August 13th 2010)
See updated map of direct flights from Oslo Airport here

Stavanger Airport:
See updated map of direct flights from Stavanger Airport here

Trondheim Airport
See updated map of direct flights from Trondheim Airport here

New flights:
  • DOMESTIC - Krohn Air: Stavanger Airport to Årø Airport starts September 13th 2010
  • INTERNATIONAL - Ryanair: Torp Airport to Barcelona El Prat airport starts September 2nd 2010
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Troubling toddlers in air create on-line row

Photo: Thomas Cook Airlines Airbus A330-243 landing at Vancouver International Airport by Makaristos

No, but yeah, but no, but yeah, but no because something what I don't even know nothing about.
So shut up and don't be giving me evils because I'm hanging with my man Jermaine now and we've just been round the back of the waterside, making babies

One of many legendary remarks by single mother Vicky Pollard in Little Britain

The charter air carrier Thomas Cook may introduce flights where families with small children will be seated in a separate part of the aircraft. That has started an on-line row blown completely out of proportions in a Norwegian tabloid paper. Why? Is it that hard to accept that different people have different needs?

For years different charter companies have marketed itself for families with children, and nobody has raised a eyebrow. In trains families sit in children compartments, and toddlers are confined  to special play rooms in shopping centres.

When the air carrier Thomas Cook recently suggested that they might  introduce planes with designated family areas, little did they know this would create an online row in  Dagbladet - a  Norwegian  tabloid paper. Trade Union officials called this proposal start of an "apartheid"-policy, and the airline responded to the claim by saying that the official was "tosset i hodet" - having "bats in the belfry."

The discussion was initiated by an American  survey among 17000 travelers conducted by, where an overwhelming majority of 85% answered at would prefer to be seated in a no-kid section.

Since the article was publised an on-line row has blown the question completely out proportion. Family fathers and mothers exchange hate messages with those that would prefer not to seated close to them. I am completely baffled by the lack of understanding in the two groups. I do not see the question separated from  kids compartments in trains or play areas in supermarkets.

The hostility from families to this suggestion is in my mind strange. Personally I travel when exhausted by the pace of life, and I love peace to prevail on board. I am happy that cell phones are banned in the air and that you have ear plugs for those that wants to play loud music without distubing anyone else. Can't families of children see these needs as well as their own rights. What is at stake here? We are talking child-free zones on board, not children free flights. All will be allowed to travel!

The on-line vote on the matter in Dagbladet has more or less the same result as  in the US. Of the 2883 Norwegian readers 73%  answered that they wanted child-free compartments, and only 17% were opposed. This may indicate that the row is conducted by extremists, and that the need of separate sections are shared by families with children, and those of us that have not.

See the on-line hate exchange here (In Norwegian only - sadly, as this is great fun!!)

6 ways to reduce stress caused by toddlers on speed

This is airfarewatchdog founder George Hobica own advice to stay sane while seated among toddlers on planes.
  1. Wear sound blocking ear phones or ear plugs to travel in blessed silence
  2. Choose first seat row by emergency exits as they are reserved for grown ups only 
  3. Be an early bird. Travel at dawn! Fewer children, but prepare for more grumpy adults!
  4. Confront mother or father,  calm and collected,  with the problem, and ask assistance from cabin crew if it does not help. 
  5. Ask to be upgraded to business class. Most families cannot afford it!
  6. If nothing helps, descend to the opponents level - get nasty!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Polar circle on the move

(Source: VG, August 16th 2010) Passed this monument lately? Did you think it marked the exact spot of the Polar Circle? Sorry pal - you're wrong!! A clever guy has found that the present Polar circle is located 1 kilometer or 6 miles north of today's Polar Circle Centre.

The Polar Circle Centre at Saltfjellet in Nordland County is a main tourist attraction as it marks the official frontier of the polar circle. The region above it will experience at least one 24 hour period when the sun is continuously above the horizon and at least one 24 hour period when the sun is continuously below the horizon annually, hence the name "Land of the Midnight Sun".

In Norway the polar circle cross the municipalities of Træna, Lurøy, Rødøy og Rana.

Now, however, the astrophysicist Oddgeir Christiansen has found that the circle wanders northwards by 14 meters or 42 feet every year, leaving the monument 1 kilometer south of the Circle it now proudly marks.

This is indeed bad news for those of you that drove up to the centre and then drove back. You were never in the land of the midnight sun after all.

One meager consolation that the northbound trend eventually will turn and the Polar Circle will return to the location of the Centre - in 13000 years!

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    Tuesday, September 07, 2010

    Stuffed mushrooms

    A large variety of Agaricus bisporus bought at the supermarket. Photo by Erin Silversmith
    If only one could tell true love from false love as one can tell mushrooms from toadstools. 
    With mushrooms it is so simple — you salt them well, put them aside and have patience. 
    But with love, you have no sooner lighted on anything that bears even the remotest resemblance to it than you are perfectly certain it is not only a genuine specimen, but perhaps the only genuine mushroom ungathered.
    Katherine Mansfield 

    This is really a great way to prepare a snack or a main dish, if you find a large portobello mushroom like this. I made a starter last weekend, using mushrooms as a cup for tasty filling.

    Mushrooms is one of my favourite ingredients, and it is very good for you! It contains plenty of healthy antioxidants and fibres and are low in calories.
    I love a rich mushroom sauce to a steak or to a pasta dish.  The other day I prepared filled mushrooms as a delicious starter. You may fill them with different ingredients that you have to hand, and I used cream cheese and homemade pesto. Mushrooms contain much water, so you get a tasty stock as well, to pour over.

    To make this you'll need
    • 2 portobello mushrooms per person
    • Philadelphia cream cheese with grilled peppers(or what else you like)
    • Home made pesto
    • Grated cheese
    Turn the mushroom with the bottom up. Remove stalk and the pores containing the spores, leaving you with a clean white surface.

    Place a generous amount of cream cheese on one, and home made pesto on the other - then top with a generous amount of grated cheese. Add seasoning after your own taste.

    Place on a baking tray and bake in oven until cheese topping is slightly brown. Place mushrooms on a small plate and pour excess sauce over.  

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    See handsome Italian cook Gino D'Acampo cooking stuffed mushrooms with honey and blue cheese on YouTube

      Monday, September 06, 2010

      UPDATED: Bars and restaurants on Enjoy Food & Travel October 2010

      To make it easier for you, I have compiled all the rated restaurants on Enjoy Food & Travel for the year 2010 on this page. Enjoy!!

      Rated restaurants 2010

      Read about rating system here

      1. Statholderens Krostue, Oslo (Reviewed July 30th 2010): BBBBB- (4,69 points)
        Stattholdergaarden is one of four restaurants awarded a Michelin star in Oslo. In the basement, you find Statholderens Krostue, where you may enjoy the same cuisine under 17th century vaults. We did, and dining here may be the best culinary experience in Oslo ever, and I have lived here for 30 years!!
        Read full story here

      2. Basement Restaurant & Bar, Göteborg (Reviewed June 2nd 2010): BBBBB-(4,67 points)
        Last year we enjoyed a great dinner at Fond Restaurant in Göteborg. It had then been awarded one star in the prestigious Michelin guide. In April we explored another Michelin restaurant in the city, and we were most definitely seduced by the culinary witchcraft performed at Basement Restaurant & Bar.
        Read full story here

      3. Armada Sera, Istanbul (Reviewed March 3rd 2010): BBBBB- (4,57 points)
        Armada Sera is located on the top floor of the Armada Hotel in Istanbul. It has a view to die for, and we enjoyed one of the best meals of the year here on the first night of our stay in Turkey.
        Read full story here

      4. Beyti, Istanbul (Reviewed April 29th 2010): BBBBB- (4,47 points)
        It would definitely be in the super class of restaurants if it wasn't for the location. For city guests it is in the middle of nowhere, and do consider what options you have if staying in downtown Istanbul. Except from this, Beyti is an exquisite restaurant. Wonderful, classy interior, great service, excellent food and wine.
        Read full story here

      5. Uno Chicago Grill, Cambridge MA (Reviewed November 24th 2010): BBBB+ (4,44 points)
        Uno Chicago Grill, Cambridge is part of a chain of restaurants found in 14 states throughout the US. They specialize in American specials as pizza, steaks, pasta, and burgers. I chose one of their new inventions, flat bread pizzas and was not disappointed.
        Read full story here

      6. Sjöbaren, Göteborg (Reviewed June 10th 2010): BBBB+ (4.43 points)
        A perfect place for lunch or dinner. The rooms are very small and be prepared to share the limited space with many guests, as Sjöbaren seemed to be an extremely popular place.
        Read full story here

      7. Adonin Café & Bar, Istanbul (Reviewed January 6th 2010): BBBB+ (4,42 points)
        One of our many good culinary experiences in Istanbul. Great location and less pushy personell than you can experience when looking for a place to eat in the area.
        Read full story here

      8. Vognmand Nilsen, Oslo (Reviewed March 28th 2010): BBBB+ (4,40 points)
        I had booked a table at 4 PM at Vognmand Nilsen, as I had dined there only two days before. At its best it was one of the best experiences the last 12 months, but I found the whole experience a little uneven.
        Read full story here

      9. Al Fassia, Marrakech (Reviewed December 16th 2010): BBBB+ (4,38 points)
        Al Fassia served one of the best meals of our trip to Marrakech. Expensive compared to many other restaurants in the city, it was well worth the investment. It offered low key and excellent service in a contemporary still traditional interior.
        Read full story here

      10. Chez Bahia, Marrakech (Reviewed August 4th 2010): BBBB+ (4,31 points)
        Chez Bahia is a place I will return to when revisiting Marrakech. Authentic, high quality food offered at ridiculous prices. A bargain for low budget and luxury travelers alike.
        Read full story here

        Park Lunch, Newburyport MA
        (Reviewed February 24th 2010): BBBB+ (4,31 points)
        When I was leaving Northern Massachusetts for Boston's south shore last September, I was taken for a light traditional lunch at Park Lunch in Newburyport. I found that the best American grub is often found in family run diners like this.
        Read full story here

      11. Giritli, Istanbul (Reviewed December 7th 2010): BBBB+ (4,30 points)
        For a fixed price, you go through a culinary journey at Giritli Restoran, with a wide range of dishes reflecting the rich Turkish cuisine.
        Read full story here

      12. Izarra, Sitges (Reviewed July 2nd 2010): BBBB+ (4,28 points)
        Izarra is located in Calle Major, a narrow street in the pittoresque downtown area of Sitges. Easily accessible by foot a short walk away from the seafront area. Visitors will have to take a 15-20 minute walk from the railway station.
        Read full story here

      13. Restaurant Larsen, Oslo (Reviewed October 13th 2010): BBBB+ (4,26 points)
        Sadly Oslo has a very few places that serve this Scandinavian specialty, but I discovered that I could add Restaurant Larsen to the list, and judging from my open sandwich they are good at it.
        Read full story here

      14. Barker Tavern, Scituate MA (Reviewed October 5th 2010): BBBB+ (4,24 points)
        Barker Tavern is certainly in the upper crust of restaurants I've visited during my years in New England. With most main courses priced under $30, good service and great historic atmosphere it is most certainly a place to consider for a good meal.
        Read full story here

        La Peña, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Reviewed August 24th 2010): BBBB+ (4,24 points)
        Just a stone's throw from the famous Canteras beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria you can order tapas at La Peña. We did, and enjoyed the traditional stuff at ridiculous prices and with a view from our table to die for.
        Read full story here

      15. Latitude Bistro, M/F Pearl of Scandinavia (Reviewed January 13th 2010): BBBB (4,16 points)
        I have dined on the ferries between Oslo and Copenhagen countless times, and have had a wide range of meals. For those crossing the Kattegat, do not expect fine cuisine.
        Read full story here

      16. Restaurant Le Fes, Marrakech (Reviewed April 14th 2010: BBBB (4,10 points)
        Restaurant Le Fes is one out of three restaurants at Eden Andalou Spa & Resort outside Marrakech. It served traditional Moroccan cuisine and was the obvious choice for us when staying at the hotel.
        Read full story here

      17. Les Crustacés, Brussels (Reviewed January 27th 2010): BBBB (4,03 points)
        Place Saint Catherine in Brussels used to be the place to enjoy seafood in the Belgian capital. When looking for a place for lunch, we passed a couple of seafood restaurants before choosing Les Crustacés.
        Read full story here

      18. Cennet Yoresi, Istanbul (Reviewed July 21st 2010): BBBB (3,99 points)
        There are restaurants that are impossible to evaluate. One of these are Cennet Yoresi. In spite of strange food (my choice), uncomfortable seating in cramped conditions, I still recommend those visiting Istanbul a visit there. It is a genuine experience.
        Read full story here

      19. Polcari's Bridgwaye Inn, Scituate MA (Reviewed June 17th 2010): BBBB (3,98 points)
        The Bridgwaye Inn was built before the American Revolution. Originally it was called Ye Surprise Inn, it provided comfortable relaxation for those traveling from Plymouth to Scituate.
        Read full story here

      20. Restaurant Chez Chegrouni, Marrakech (Reviewed March 20th 2010): BBBB: (3,85 points)
        First day in Marrakech we ended up at Restaurant Chez Chegrouni, by the Djemaa el Fna. It was a recommended choice in our guidebook described as a place with good food at low prices. We agree!
        Read full story here

      21. Jake's Seafood, Hull MA (Reviewed November 11th 2010): BBBB (3,83 points)
        Jake's Seafood is a great place to dine on the South Shore. Although located in a slightly depressed neighbourhood, this small community has potential. It waits for a new dawn.
        Read full story here

      22. Bilbao Berria, Barcelona (Reviewed February 10th 2010): BBBB (3,82 points)
        I have visited the popular tapas restaurant Bilbao Berria in Barcelona a number of times these last years, and always decided to revisit, as in June 2009.
        Read full story here

      23. Far East, Oslo: (Reviewed May 26th 2010) BBBB- (3,79 points)
        The Far East meal was a slightly disappointing experience. Good entre, but the main dish was a far cry from the intriguing flavours of the East Asian cuisine.
        Read full story here

      24. Café Opera, Bergen: (Reviewed September 13th 2010) BBBB (3,77 points)
        Café Opera is a place for the hip crowds, trendy students or artists in for a pint (or five) of beer, or a glass of red wine. I, however, went there to hide from the fierce weather and wait for my guest to arrive.
        Read full story here

        COMING: Restaurant Ola, Playa del Ingles: BBBB (3,77 points)
        Restaurant Ola was nothing to brag of, neither atmosphere nor food, but the staff did as good as they could. Restaurant Ola is hardly the venue for a romantic dinner.
        Read full story here

      25. Menelas, Brussels (Reviewed March 10th 2010): BBBB- (3,68 points)
        Excellent service, and reasonable priced lunch and dinners. My Moussaka did not provide me with those strong Greek vibes.
        Read full story here

      26. Memphis Cafe & Bar, Oslo (Reviewed October 20th 2010): BBBB- (3,66 points)At Memphis Café & Bar you order burger - only! This was the advise from a friend that lives in the neighbourhood. I ordered pasta. That proved my friend right!
        Read full story here

      27. Windsor Garden, Playa del Ingles (Reviewed January 20th 2010) BBBB- (3,62 points)
        Windsor Garden is a place not to try pizza. It has few big assets, all in all. Decent location, and reasonable prices are a few. The rest is best described as mediochre. Windsor is OK for a snack for those of you with low expectations, except to satisfy primary hunger.
        Read full story here

      28. Great World, Playa del Ingles (Reviewed April 22th 2010): BBBB- (3,52 points)
        Good location, low prices, but the rest of the Great World experience is hardly worth mentioning. Based on the food we were served, this restaurant is definitely not a place to recommend.
        Read full story here

      29. Massimino's Cucina Italiana, Boston MA (Reviewed February 17th 2010): BBB+ (3,39 points)
        Good location, but Massimino's Cucina Italiana is hardly the place for a memorable meal, or an interesting rustic Italian interior.
        Read full story here
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      1. A Touch of class at Café Metropole
        If you want to experience old world charm in Brussels, you'll definitely find it at Café Metropole, located in the hotel with the same name.
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      2. Basement - a Michelin star restaurant in Göteborg
        Last year we enjoyed a great dinner at Fond Restaurant in Göteborg. It had then been awarded one star in the prestigious Michelin guide. This year we would like to explore another Michelin restaurant and managed to get a table for 6.30 PM this Saturday.
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      3. Beyti - dining for the famous, rich and powerful
        has been visited by many famous guests during its history, some famous others unknown to me. They have a gallery of notorieties on their website, here are a few I know.

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      4. Coffee at Omar
        Walking one of the largest cities of the world make you tired and in need for a cup of strong Turkish coffee. The first place we sat down was at Omar a stone's throw away from Hagia Sophia. A really nice place to rest.
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      5. Croque at Le Cirio in Brussels
        As we arrived in Brussels, I do as I usually do - I take a late night snack at Le Cirio. This time I traveled with friends and we planned to meet at this charming old Tavern by Brussels Stock Exchange, and I knew what I would order - a Croque Cirio.
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      6. Culinary institution reopens
        December 22nd 1900 marked the opening day of Theatercafeen, one of Oslo's most legendary restaurants. August 22nd this Viennese-style café reopened after extensive restoration works with the grand old Dame of Norwegian theatre, Wenche Foss (below), as guest of honor.
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      7. Fine dining in my new neighbourhood
        Late September I move from downtown Oslo to Høgåsen, in southern part of Oslo. I switch subway for a 15 minute ride with suburban train to Oslo Central Station, apparently far away from any fine dining, or.......?
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      8. Food Court at Boston's South StationTo dine in Boston, as any other large US city, may end up as a costly affair. If you spent too much on oysters or Maine lobster the day before, it is a good idea to lunch at one of the many food courts found around the city. It will relieve a stretched budget, and it tastes decent. One fooud court is found at South Station, in the heart of downtown Boston.
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      9. Gio Bar, Playa del Ingles
        Gio Bar is a giant leap from Norwegian culture to gay culture.
        See story on bars on Playa del Ingles here

      10. In Cod we trust
        This Sunday, I went back to M4 Mat & Bar for Sunday dinner. They had fried cod with mash, grated carrots and remoulade on the menu. What a dainty dish!
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      11. Les Terrasses de l'Alhambra - a bar with a view
        I always find my favourite hangout in the cities I visit. In Marrakech we always ended up for a coffee at Les Terrasses de l'Alhambra when tired after exploring the city. Coffee or tea, only, as pizzas, pasta and salads should be enjoyed elsewhere.
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      12. Maghreb cuisine in Oslo
        Longing back to sunny North Africa, I and my good friend Per went to Marrakech, the only Moroccan restaurant in Oslo.
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      13. New Years dinner at Le Florimond in Paris
        I got this mail from my good friend John Wroughton. He and his partner, Øystein, had been to Paris over the New Year. Theu had their New Year's dinner ar Le Florimond. Here is his account of their meal.
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      14. No Hooter's in Stavanger
        An overwhelming majority in the city council of Stavanger voted Thursday to deny license to serve alcohol to the first Hooter's restaurant in the city, but the politicians avoided all controversy in their discussion.
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      15. Paddy's by the sea, Playa del Ingles
        If you are looking for a beach side bar, I will strongly recommend Paddy's by the Sea by the Faro lighthouse at Maspalomas.
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      16. Queens Pub, 1692 A.D.
        Oslo is a relatively young city in Europe. The settlement goes back a thousand years, and the present city goes back to 1624.Read full story here

      17. Sosialkontoret Bar, Playa del Ingles
        This bar seemed like a kind of a joke. Its name refers to the Norwegian State Social Security bureau.
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      18. Top five restaurants on Enjoy Food & Travel 2009
        Enjoy Food & Travel has reviewed 30 restaurants in 2009. We've had great culinary experiences in 7 countries. Here are the five best restaurants visited in 2009.
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      19. Where to eat in Tropea, Calabria
        I spent two heavenly weeks in the charming Calabrian town of Tropea (situated on the knuckle of the big toe if we stick to the boot analogy). Here are a few of the best restaurants I came across while I visited this pearl by the Tyrrhenian Sea.
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      20. Will Hooter's conquer Norway in 2010?
        American Hooter's is a chain of restaurant that may seem incompatible with the politically correct culture found in the Scandinavian countries. It is therefore a surprise that it has applied the city council of Stavanger, Norway's oil capital, to open its first restaurant in Norway
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      21. Yaya's, Oslo
        For those of you that miss that trip to Thailand during the volcanic ash incidence a few weeks ago, a Thai beach club is not far away. Yaya's in Oslo offers terrific food, colourful lighting, East Asian thunderstorms and power outages.
        Read full story here

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      Fine dining in my new neighbourhood

      Photo: Fish soup with grilled scallops by cyclonebill

      Late September I move from downtown Oslo to Høgåsen, in southern part of Oslo. I switch subway for a 15 minute ride with suburban train to Oslo Central Station, apparently far away from any fine dining, or.......?
      I have the last 15 years lived in the middle of a busy downtown neighborhood, close to coffee shops, restaurants and bars. As I grow older, light and fresh air are getting increasingly more important. This was the reason to sell my flat and buy another flat outside of town.

      Photo: My old neighbourhood - Tøyen centre by Mahlum
      I am pleased to say that I have ended up with a great 2 bedroom apartment with a terrace and my own back garden, overlooking the Oslo fjord and the city in the distance.

      What I will miss is to walk to into the street to dine at the Japanese Samurai Sushi, or the Indian restaurant Darbar.

      I have concentrating on the distance to Oslo City centre, but was blind to the fact that just over the city limits, and within walking distance is the new Kolbotn suburban area, with shops, restaurants, and bars. Here I discovered, to my joy, the existence of two seemingly exclusive restaurants.

      Gamle Tårnhuset Restaurant

      This restaurant is found in a stately villa with an impressive tower built in the beginning of the 20th century. They offer a à la carte, as well as a menu of the week where you may choose between 3, 4, or 5 courses with a matching wine menu. Price tag is from NOK 398 to NOK 525.

      Photo: Norway Lobsters caught in Scotland and seen in Rothsay by Lucas the Scot.
       Week 32 they offered the following menu:

      Scallops and salmon from the Frøya island as carpaccio with nut marinade
      Fresh salad with horseradish, apple and parsnip puré
      Roasted rose fish from Roan in Trøndelag county
      Vegetables in tomatoes and sauce with Norway lobsters
      Entrecôte gourmet veal, medium done
      Lentils, carrot and parley roots
      Morel and red wine sauce
      Mature cheeses from Norwegian producers
      Eiker farm and Blinde Ku (Blind Cow) dairy, Tingvoll cheese
      Served with sweet company and dark bread
      Crispy tarte with redcurrants from Prinsdalen and pecan nuts
      Served with woodland strawberries and fresh raspberries

      It really makes my mouth water. Definitely a place to check out - soon!!!

      Gamle tårnhuset restaurant
      Kolbotnvn. 31
      1410 Kolbotn
      tlf: 66 99 30 00

      Terrassen Café, Bar & Restaurant

      Terrassen Café, Bar & Restaurant serves a lunch, tapas and dinner menu, as well as serving as a bar for the community.

      Photo: Calamares a la Romana by Sandstein
      The menu is inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine. From 11 AM to 4 PM you may enjoy a lunch menu of salad, pasta, burger and grill dishes, priced from 10 to 15 EUR.

      From 11 AM to 10 PM you may order a wide range of traditional and nontraditional very reasonably priced tapas. You may even order a selection for 2-4 people from 45 to 80 EUR.

      Dinner is served from 4 PM til 10 PM, and you may order different starters, main courses and desserts from the menu. Starters are priced around 10 EUR, main courses start at 17 EUR and end at around 30 EUR, whereas desserts will cost you around 10 EUR.

      Terrassen restaurant AS
      Jan Baalsruds plass 5
      1410 Kolbotn, Norge
      +47 66 81 03 00

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