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New direct flights from Torp Airport, Sandefjord

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"don't come running to me, mate! Because I'll be in Alicante, oiled up, skin sizzling in the midday sun like a burnt sausage!"
Ashes to Ashes, British Television drama

Hungarian Wizz Air has started its fifth non-stop flight to Poland from Torp Airport, and Norwegian Air Shuttle will open its first flights from the airport to Spain this fall. These are the latest flight news from Torp Airport.   

Wizz Air opens its fifth direct flight to Poland

Photo: Wroclaw 14th century city hall by Kolossos
Torp Airport is the main airport for Hungarian Wizz Air in Norway. It has recently opened its fifth direct connection to Wroclaw in Poland.

The city is an important financial and cultural centre in Poland, and is, with its population of 600 000, the country's 4th largest city.

Wizz Air operates four other non-stop services to Poland from Torp Airport. They are:
  • Gdansk
  • Katowice
  • Posnan
  • Warsaw
The air carrier also flies non-stop from Torp Airport to Kiev, Prague and Riga.

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Norwegian Air Shuttle starts direct flights to Torp - Alicante

Casa Carbonell, Alicante - photo by Zarkos
Norwegian Air Shuttle has been absent from Torp Airport, until now - that is. But the air carrier confirms that they will start direct flights from Torp to Alicante in November 2010. 

This means that Ryanair will get competition from Norway's largest budget airline on flights to Alicante. Ryanair's original plan was not to operate any flights to Alicante this winter. The launch of parallel flights by its arch rival has made the Irish air carrier think again. 

It has changed its plants and decided to fly to Alicante this winter. The competing flights flights will take off within 10 minutes of each other each Saturday. They will fly literally fly wing to wing in order to attract travelers. 

Let us hope that this provides lower  air fare for us seeking relief by traveling south during the harsh Norwegian winters

First Norwegian Air Shuttle flight from will be November 6th, and the air carrier will use on of its Boeing 737-800 fleet and it will leave Torp during the afternoon, arriving in Alicante around 7PM.   

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      Wednesday, September 01, 2010

      Église Saint Nicholas, Brussels

      Small houses along church facing Zuidstraat
      In Boterstraat / Rue au Beurre, in Brussels you find Église Saint-Nicholas, dedicated to the patron saint of the traders. This is hardly surprising as Grand Place, the city's trade center is located just around the corner. The church asymmetrical shape was created by an irregular and small brook that used to run through Boterstraat.

      The entrance dates back to the second half of the 12th century. The choir was completed in 1381 and the side-chapel, devoted to the Holy Virgin, was constructed in 1486. A special feature of this church is the old houses surrounding the church that have been preserved intact up to this day.

      The 19th Martyrs of Gorkum - old poster
      The church was plundered during the religious uproar in the 16th century and it burnt completely down in 1695 during the bombing of Brussels by the French troops. One of the pillars of the Holy Virgin chapel still holds a canon ball from that tragic event.

      In 1714 a Medieval high tower serving as the city belfry collapsed, killing 1 man and 1 pig. In 1929 a plan to demolish the church because it hindered the traffic in the Boterstraat was stopped.

      The relics of the so-called "martyrs of Gorkum" were transferred from Holland to the Saint-Nicholas church in 1868 and have, since then, been exposed to the public. These 19 martyrs (image right) were catholic priests that were tortured and executed on the 9th of July 1572 in the Dutch city of Gorinchem (or Gorkum) during conflicts between Catholics and Protestants in the Netherlands.

      The church also holds a small painting by Rubens of The Virgin and Child and the Vladimir Icon painted by an artist from Constantinople in 1131.

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      Location of Église Saint Nicholas - see this map of Brussels

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      Monday, August 30, 2010

      Culinary institution reopens

      Photo: Hotel Continental, Oslo, built 1900. Theatercafeen at first floor, by Mahlum 
      December 22nd 1900 marked the opening day of Theatercafeen, one of Oslo's most legendary restaurants. August 22nd this Viennese-style café reopened after extensive restoration works with the grand old Dame of Norwegian theatre, Wenche Foss (below), as guest of honor.

      Theatercafeen, located in Hotel Continental facing Norway's National Theatre is listed by the NY Times as one of the 10 most famour restaurants in the world.

      Its interior is inspired by Café Central in Vienna, that had Peter Altenberg, Theodor Herzl, Alfred Adler, Egon Friedell, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Anton Kuh, Adolf Loos, Leo Perutz, Alfred Polgar and Leon Trotsky as regular guests.

      Wenche Foss 2006 by Bogartsmokes
      Theatercaféen is an institution, similarly celebrates  its famous guests. A large display of portraits are found on its walls of Norwegian writers, authors, actors, musicians, composers and other prominent figures from Norway's cultural sphere. They have have in common that they are, or have been, regular guests at Theatercaféen.

      Be aware that style is reflected in the price. It is definitely one of the pricier places to eat in the Norwegian capital. The food is traditional / continental in style.

      Hotel Continental
      Stortingsgaten 24/26.
      Phone: +47 22 82 40 00
      Online booking here
      Theatercafeen on Hotel Continentals official website

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