Saturday, July 17, 2010

Free internet access at Carl Berner Kjelleren, Oslo

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Carl Berner Kjelleren is probably one of the most brown bars in the Oslo East End. This is a place for football hooligans, as it offers matches on a giant screen, as well as offering beer, wine (terrible red in glass - to be avoided), and food. My best piece of advice is to go else where if you're hungry.

I also discovered, to my surprise that it offered free internet access, making it one of the few in that area where you may order a pint and read your e-mail.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

New direct flights from Norway - July 2010

One only new service to an international destination will start from Norwegian airports in July 2010. Norwegian Air Shuttle will start flights to Antalya July 3rd 2010.

The city of Antalya (from Greek "Αττάλεια" - Attaleia) is located by the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey, and the capital city of Antalya Province. Situated on coastal cliffs, Antalya is surrounded by mountains. It has developped from the 1970s into an attractive international resort.

JULY: New direct flights from Trondheim Airport
  • TURKEY: Antalya (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
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(Photo: Antalya, Turkey by BetacommandBot)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

NEW: Culinary products and producers featuring on Enjoy Food & Travel 2010

Here are a list of products featured in food stories or recipes here on Enjoy Food & Travel. Some of these brands are for sale in its country of origin only, others are widely available in Europe and the United States. The Enjoy Food & Travel team is no part of any commercial promotion of these products but evaluate them on a free basis.

Global companies
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