Friday, June 11, 2010

Ryanair stops all flights Rygge - Skavsta

(Source: Aftenposten, June 8th 2010) Ryanair stops all flights from Rygge Airport to Skavsta Airport from end of June 2010. This leaves Norwegian Air Shuttle and Scandinavian Airlines as the only air carriers between Oslo and Stockholm.

This is the second time the budget air carrier fly to Sweden from Norwegian Airports. Earlier there were Ryanair flights from Torp airport to Stockholm, and even they disappeared after a short period.

Rygge - Aalborg next to go?

Ryanair has started flights from Rygge Airport to around 30 destinations. This includes a service to Aalborg in Northern Jutland in Denmark. This may, according to Aftenposten, be the next destination to be given up by Ryanair.

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(Photo: Stockholm-Skavsta Airport by DavidianSkitzou)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sjöbaren - Göteborg

When visiting Göteborg, we decided to explore the city by foot. We ended up in the old Haga quarters, when hunger struck. Lunch time! We spotted a small eatery with a tempting name - Sjöbaren or the sea bar, and we decided to make it the venue for a lunch. A wise choice!!!

Location: BBBB+

Sjöbaren is located in Haga, a quaint old neighbourhood in Göteborg, a short walk from the city.

Haga is one of the most original parts of town, and here you'll find bars, restaurants and small shops in building dating as far back as the 17th century.

This was my first visit to Haga, and I do recommend you to spend a few hours in this charming area of the city.

Service: BBBBB

We loved the service provided by the staff at Sjöbaren. The waiters were both informal and witty, and took our order and served our food with a pace that could take your breath away.

In spite of the commotion, they were certainly in charge and we felt very welcome and very well attended to during our meal.

Interior & atmosphere: BBBB-

Sjöbaren is located in an old house, with a charming interior. Interior were held in dark wooden details with a maritime theme. Solid oak coloured tables and chairs underlined the old world charm.

The rooms were very small in size and this seriously affected the space by the table. We felt cramped into a very restricted place with very little room to the next table.


At Sjöbaren you are served dishes made from fish, crustaceans and mussels - only! For those of you in the mood for a steak - do not enter, but go elsewhere.

I ordered their fish soup with garlic bread, priced at SEK 119,- (12 EUR). What a treat - what a soup!!!!

I often find, when ordering this treat, that fish soups are too salt, or lacking overall taste. At Sjöbaren they serve the best fish soup that I have tasted in years.

A generous portion prepared in a traditional Scandinavian manner served in a deep, white soup plate, with small ruby red drops of fat glistening on the surface.

Wonderful texture - a smooth velvet consistency, topped with delicate froth. All senses enjoyed a very rich seafood taste, accompanied by sweet, salt and sour aromas in perfect harmony.

The garlic bread was rich with garlic butter in abundance and it matched the soup perfectly.

Beverage: BBBB

There are two beverages to choose when having a good seafood meal, either a dry white wine or a dripping cold pint of lager. I preferred the latter in the form of a local amber coloured brew , and it was refreshing and matched the aromas of the soup perfectly.

Rating the Sjöbaren experience: BBBB+ (4,43 points)

A perfect place for lunch or dinner. The rooms are very small and be prepared to share the limited space with many guests, as Sjöbaren seemed to be an extremely popular place.

Witty, slightly rude (but within any decency), but extremely charming and efficient staff made the visit a pleasure.

Based on my dish, I do not hesitate to recommend Sjöbaren to fish lovers and meat eaters alike.


Sjöbaren i Haga
Haga Nygata 25, SE 413 01 Göteborg
Phone: +46 031 - 711 97 80
Fax +46 031 - 711 37 80
E-mail: (Booking by phone only)
Web: www.sjö

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Marrakech: Bab Agnaou and Bab Nkob

Marrakech was founded in 1070. The city is surrounded by an impressive wall with 19 gates, from all eras of its turbulent history, some small , others impressive. Here are two we saw on our way - the famous Bab Agnaou and the less famous Bab Nkob.

Bab Agnaou (12th Century)

This magnificent gate was easily seen when arriving from our hotel west of the city. It is located by the the enclosed compounds of present Royal Palace.

Bab Agnaou guards the royal kasbah in the southern part of the medina of Marrakech. The kasbah, was built by the Almohad sultan Yaqub al-Mansour. Here you find the Mansouria Mosque, the El Badi Palace and the Saadian Tombs.

The Bab Agnaou (Arabic باب اكناو) dates back the 12th century to the era of the Almohad dynasty. It is one of the largest and most famous gate in Marrakech. The name refers to black people (cf. Akal-n-iguinawen - land of the black) and it was also referred to as Bab al Kohl (black people) or Bab al Qsar (palace gate) in some historical sources.

It is an ornate monument and it is framed by three panels with inscriptions from the Quran in Maghribi, foliated Kufic letters.

Bab Agnaou was renovated during the reign of Mohammed Ben Abdellah al-Qatib, and reduced in size.

Bab Nkob (20th century)

On our way to Gueliz, we passed through the Bab Nkob. It is located by the Bab Larais and Bab Al Makhzan on Mohamed V avenue.

Bab Nkob looks old, but is in fact much newer than Bab Aganou. It dates back to the French protectorate (1912-1956) and was built to connect the old Medina to Gueliz, the new part of the city of and to align the main avenue with the Koutoubia Minaret.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Higher fees for Norwegian Air Shuttle travelers

- fees doubled in 3 years

(Aftenposten, June 2nd 2010). Norwegian Air Shuttle will raise seat and luggage fees with NOK 10 in 2010. At the same time they claim that their air fare are getting increasingly cheaper. How can we get a more transparent system that shows travelers the real price of their tickets?

Norwegian Air Shuttle is by no means the worst airline when it comes to fees. Their prices are still relatively low when you add fees and air fare, and you may avoid paying up if you are willing to travel light and make your seat reservation on arrival at the airport.

Ryanair is much worse in that respect, as their fees may add up to several times the price of your ticket if your hand luggage is to heavy or if (God forbid!) you forget to print out the boarding card yourself.

Aftenposten has, however, calculated that Norwegian Air Shuttle has doubled their fees in three years, and it all adds up, if you are not travel directly to an international destination, but change planes e.g. in Oslo. Then you have to double your luggage and seat reservation fees.

If you want that special seat you'll have to pay from NOK 50-80 per flight. So if you travel from Trondheim to Oslo, and then on to Marrakech, price of seat reservation will be NOK 260 per person. If you want to bring one piece of checked-in luggage, you may have to pay at least NOK 80 each way on your international flight, and most probably a fee on the domestic flight as well.

The question is whether increased fees at one point will benefit the "all inclusive" airlines, i.e. those that offers free seating and check-in luggage. Travelers may get sick of all the fees at one point, and return to the traditional air carriers, unless the traditional air carriers are tempted to follow the budget airline's example, and charge more fees.

If you want to avoid paying more than necessary
, kindly observe:

Seat reservation
. If you do not need to be seated according to a preference, you may travel early to your airport and choose your seating at the airport, or allow the budget airline to place you at random.

Travel with hand luggage - only
! Most airlines allow travelers to bring one piece of carry on luggage weighing from 10-15 kilos (20-30 lbs). Hand luggage shall have a size that fit the overhead compartment of the aircraft. Do check your airlines luggage regulations, to ensure that your carry-on luggage complies to its rule. Most airlines does not enforce these rules vigorously, except Ryanair. They may even charge you fees to bring e.g. extra bags with duty free articles on board the airplane.

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Monday, June 07, 2010

Peppes pizza in a "Pillsbury" tube

I love food à la americana, and a few weeks ago, I found that the Norwegian pizza brand Peppes had been inspired by the American Pillsbury brand and introduced fresh pizza dough into a tube. Marvellous!!

In the US you'll find a wide range of ready made bread and pastry dough in a tube. You just tear from one end and it opens up with a - pop! You can either get one loaf or cinnamon rolls, croissants, or bisquits, the latter skilfully perforated and easy to separate and just put on an greased oven-proof dish and baked.

I know that for many foodies products like these are an abomination, but I love them wildly!! I was thrilled to see that the Norwegian manufacturer Peppes had introduced pizza crust inspired by the Pillsbury's for sale at my grocers. As easy and convenient as by the beach in New England. I brought to of them home from my local supermarket for easy meals in my summer home.

Pizza à la Pillsbury (Serves two hungry men)

Last Friday I impressed my guests with this hitherto unknown way of preparing a pizza in a hurry. I opened up one of the two tubes placing the dough in an oven tray. To make a Pizza à la Pillsbury you'll need:

1 tube of Peppes fresh pizza dough
2-3 tbsp good pizza sauce
Serrano ham, 4-6 thin slices
1/2 jar of Barilla pesto
100 grams of regular cheese (Emmenthal/Norvegia), grated
50 grams Parmesan cheese, finely grated

Pop open a packet of ready-made pizza dough. Place on an oiled baking tray.

Open a jar of good pizza sauce and spread a liberal amount onto the crust. Follow by a layer of large slices of Spanish serrano ham, dollops of Barilla pesto and grated Norvegia and Parmesan cheese on top.

Placed it a hot oven, bake until golden!

Easy and wicked according to my friends and myself!

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Ryanair: New direct flights Rygge to Barcelona fall 2010

Ryanair starts direct flights from Rygge Airport to Barcelona's El Prat Airport three times a week from September 2nd 2010. This as Ryanair consolidates its traffic from one of Spain's main hubs.

Ryanair will extend its flights directly from the city's main airport. By placing 5 Boeing 737-800's here, it will start flights from Barcelona to 20 new destinations from September 2010. Ryanair has, until now, operated flights from Norway to Girona Airport a few hours north of the city.

This move from the Irish air carrier reflects the growing attention on Spanish cities as attractive holiday destinations for Norwegian travelers, and Ryanair competes with both Norwegian Air Shuttle and Scandinavian Airlines on flights to several airports on the Iberian peninsula.

Ryanair travelers will from September get to Barcelona more conveniently, by flying directly to the city's airport, and not to Girona Airport, an airport off the beaten tracks.

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