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Rating Norwegian Air Shuttle flight Oslo-Evenes-Oslo, December 2010

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I waited too long before booking my air fare for Christmas. I ended up paying full fare one way and reduced fare on return. The Norwegian Air Shuttle from Oslo to Harstad Narvik Airport was expensive and what was offered did not reflect that expensive air fare. 
  • DY6004 Departure December 22nd 2010, 12:40 PM from Oslo Airport, Gardermoen. Arrival:  Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes 2:20 PM 
  • DY227 Departure December 26th 2010, 2:45 PM from Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes. Arrival Oslo Airport, Gardermoen 4:25 PM 
Check-in: BBBBB

Checked in one suitcase on electronic self service. It went smooth both ways. Then directly to gate.

Departure: BBBB

Departure on time both to Harstad/Narvik, and slightly ahead of schedule on return flight. 

Hospitality: BBBB

Nice efficient staff, managing the vessel with efficiency.

Service: BBBB

Good overall service. Serving started 15-30 minutes after the fasten seat belt sign had been switched off both ways.

Complementary: N/A

Nor food nor drinks included in the price. Reasonably priced food and beverage available for sale.

Comfort: BBBB

Comfortable leg room in front of seat and width of seat, whether you are economy or full price passenger. Knees not touching pouch in the seat ahead.

Flying time: BBBB

Flying time within cockpit's estimate both ways.

Arrival: BBBB

Arrival a little before schedule on way back.

Duty free goods: N/A

Domestic flight. No duty free goods offered.

Check out: BBB+ 

Short waiting time for luggage at Harstad Narvik Airport. On return flight it took close to 45 minutes to get our suitcase. This is not the first time Røros Flyservice, the handling agent for Norwegian Air Shuttle has not being doing their job. There were no information until I went to its service counter to ask what happened to our luggage. I suspect they were under staffed. Norwegian should consider changing to another handling agent.   

Price: BBBB

Price: 4048 NOK (€ 518,15 / $ 686,43). Expensive for a round-trip ticket,  as one trip was a fully priced ticket. This should have included food and drink. This price is high compared to experienced travel value.
I would have found cheaper tickets available if I had booked early.

Rating the Norwegian Air Shuttle experience: BBBB (4,05 points)

High price for what was offered at this flight. Good punctuality. Complementary food or drink should have been included when paying maximum fare. Terrible handling service in Oslo with long waiting time and no information.

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