Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Rating Norwegian Air Shuttle flight Oslo-Tromsø

In November I have been flying Norwegian Air Shuttle twice. This up'n coming Norwegian budget air carrier offers travelers a wide range of domestic and international destinations. The air fare is decent, but what is included elsewhere, you often have to pay extra for as Norwegian passenger. So was the case when I flied from Oslo to Tromsø mid November, a distance that equals most flights from Oslo to northern European destinations in length.

  • DY248 Departure: November 17th 2010, 1:55 PM from Oslo Airport - Gardermoen. Arrival : Langnes Airport Tromsø 3:55 PM

  • DY253 Departure: November 21st 2010, 7:40 PM from Langnes Airport Tromsø. Arrival : Oslo Airport - Gardermoen, 9.40 PM
Check-in: BBBBB

Only hand luggage. Electronic self service easy both ways. Then directly to gate.

Departure: BBBB

Departure on time both ways.

Hospitality: BBBB

Nice efficient staff, managing the vessel with efficiency.

Service: BBBB

Good overall service. Serving started 30 minutes after the fasten seat belt sign had been switched off.

Complementary: N/A

Nor food nor drinks included in the price. Reasonably priced food and beverage available for sale.

Comfort: BBBB

Comfortable leg room in front of seat and width of seat, whether you are economy or full price passenger. Knees not touching pouch in the seat ahead.

Flying time: BBBB

Flying time within cockpit's estimate both ways.

Arrival: BBBB

Arrival a little before schedule.

Duty free goods: N/A

Domestic flight. No duty free goods offered.

Price: BBBB

Price: 1448 NOK (€ 181,45 / $ 242,15). Cheaper tickets will be available if booking early. This price is good compared to experienced travel value.

Rating the Norwegian Air Shuttle experience: BBBB (3,90 points)

Good travel value. Good punctuality, but no complementary food or drink at this reasonably long flight.

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