Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rating Brussels Airlines flights Oslo-Brussel-Oslo, December 2010

Brussels Airlines is the successor of SABENA, the Belgian Airline that went bankrupt in 2001. I have used both the predecessor and the successor for many years and have experienced a steady decline in travel value. This years experience was no exception. The lack of comfort and little service will make me consider booking Scandinavian Airlines for the next years trip to Belgium.

  • SN 2284 Departure: December 3rd 2010, 4:55 PM from Oslo Airport - Gardermoen. Arrival : Brussels International Airport 7:10 PM

  • SN 2287 Departure: December 5th 2010, 8:15 PM from Brussels International Airport. Arrival : Oslo Airport - Gardermoen, 10:20 PM
Check-in: BBB+

Only hand luggage on the way down to Brussels. Electronic self service easy. Then directly to gate. Decided to check in small suitcase on the way back. Took long time either choosing electronic self service + baggage drop, or choosing ordinary check-in at counter at Brussels Airport. My advice - be early at Brussels Airlines as check-in procedures are badly organized.

Departure: BBBB

Departure delayed 15-20 minutes on way down due to late arriving plane. On time on return trip.

Hospitality: BBBB

Nice efficient staff, managing the vessel with efficiency, but with very little attention to passengers on economy class.

Service: BB+

Only two in cabin, concentrating their attention on passengers on business or economy flex. Service started more than 30 minutes after the fasten seat belt sign had been switched off on way down. No service on way to Oslo, I had to call to buy a bottle of wine.

Complementary: N/A

Nor food nor drinks included in the price. Reasonably priced food and beverage available for sale, if the cabin crew cared to attend to our needs. Do call for service, as they may not come to assist you!

Comfort: BB+

Small seats with little leg room provided little comfort during our flight. Very small seat belts and little leg room.

Flying time: BBBB

Flying time within cockpit's estimate both ways.

Arrival: BBBB

Arrival 10-15 minutes after schedule on way down, on schedule on return trip.

Duty free goods: N/A

Limited selection of duty free goods on board. To call to purchase, or else flight attendants may not come to assist you.

Price: BBBB

Price: 1660 NOK (€ 210,59 / $ 280,05). This price is high compared to experienced travel value.

Rating the Brussels Airlines experience: BBBB (3,30 points)

Travel value worse than earlier on Brussels Airlines. Delayed departure, little attention by staff on economy class guests. Low comfort - narrow seat and little leg room.

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