Friday, December 24, 2010

Old Townhouses of Charlestown

Charlestown is a historically very significant part of Boston. Here you find a unique collection of period architecture and remains of the oldest building in the United States.

The Great House (1639)

In the 1980's excavations took place in the city square to determine its past. They revealed the remains of the Great House that was built in 1629 by John Winthrop as the first official building in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

It was the headquarters until the administration was moved over to Boston in 1630, and it was sold to the city in 1633. It later served as a community centre and housed the Three Cranes Tavern from 1635.

The Great House burnt down during the battle of Bunker Hill June 17th 1775.

Period architectural gems

Charlestown is a must for those of you interested in historic buildings. Beautiful classic New England buildings are packed along narrow old streets that go back 4 centuries.

The beautiful building left is a good example. Not marked by any signs disclosing its age it is marked as a very old and beautifully restored building with original paneling and window frames.

It was one out a large number of old buildings around one of the squares of Charlestown.

A (too) few houses are marked as historic monuments. One of them is the Georgian  Mansion  built for  Deacon Larkin in the 1790's. And do remember when you¨'re there - visit the Bunker Hill monument.

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