Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Norwegian flight news: updated December 2010

Very little is happening concerning new domestic and international flights from Norwegian airports in December. Ryanair starts one flight to Tallinn, capital of Estonia, whereas NextJet is closing its non-stop service from Trondheim to Åre-Ôstersund on Christmas Eve.

Rygge Airport:
  • NEW: Tallinn (Estonia). Air carrier: Ryanair
Trondheim Airport:
  • CLOSE: Åre - Östersund (NextJet). Last flight: December 24th 2010
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NEW: Maps of all non-stop flights from main Norwegian Airports - see full story here

View NEW: All non-stop flights from Rygge - DECEMBER 2010 in a larger map

(Photo: The old part of Tallinn by Vkem)

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