Monday, December 27, 2010

Long roast duck - a pre Christmas ritual

Saturday December 11th was the 2011 Day of the Duck, an annual Christmas tradition. The occasion of this hearty meal is a tradition I and some friends started 5 years ago. The pre-Christmas viewing of Tante Pose, a film from 1940 that we watched during our childhood.

We had one TV channel as kids, and we were allowed access to Donald Duck once a year, the Christmas edition of Donald Duck and his friends. Another tradition is the viewing of Tante Pose an old Norwegian film classic from the year 1940. For most of us 30-40 something it is forever connected to our best Christmas memories.

I always prepare duck as a gesture to my friend Thomas. His mother is Danish and Danes serve duck, caramelized potatoes, pickled red cabbage and gravy as their main Christmas dinner.

I managed to get hold of a frozen 2,5 kilo / 5+ lb Hungarian barbary duck Thursday, allowed it to thaw overnight before marinating it in Montreal Chicken seasoning, oliver oil, extra lime and garlic worked together in a paste. I long roasted it for 6 hours at 100 C / 215 F, and this year I used a roasting bag. I added a large package of shallots to the bird during roasting and amandine potatoes the last 90 minutes. The last 30 minutes I poured out the juices and allowed the duck, potatoes and shallots to roast in a medium hot oven to get that delicious crispy duck experience. 

The traditional stuffing
was prepared with the rest of the Shropshire Spice Company stuffing used at Thanksgiving, apples, onions, and apple cider. I substituted the bacon with Spanish chorizo sausage, a brilliant idea.

I have gone through the procedure earlier so for the recipes I will refer to my previous years. Personally I am very pleased by the way I have learned to prepare duck. Long roasting works extremely well allowing the meat to be succulent and mouthwateringly tender.  

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