Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Göta Coldins Ordenshus, Göteborg

As we walked through Central Göteborg, I found this house. It belongs to an old secret order of seafarers said to date back to Medieval times, and now only found in Sweden and Finland.

The Coldin Order was introduced to Sweden in 1757 by Baron Carl Biörnberg that during his friendship with the French captain Francois Thurot and inspired by him founded the first lodge in Sweden.

The baron was acknowledged by the French leaders of the order,  the dukes de Noailles and de Belle-Isle to be the leader of the Swedish lodge. The famous Swedish troubadour Carl Michael Bellman is said to having been a member of the Coldin Order and attended the lodge in Stockholm. 

Today the members of the Coldin order in Sweden in  are organized three lodges. There are also lodges found in Finland.

The  Coldin order has disappeared in the rest of Europe.

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