Sunday, December 26, 2010

COMING DECEMBER 2010: Vesterålen, Norway

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I spent this Christmas with my brother and his family in Vesterålen, Norway. Vesterålen is located beyond the Polar Circle in Nordland county. This is, in December and January, the land of the Polar night, as the sun never rise over the horizon.

The polar night is a truly magic experience. During a few hours dusk from 10 AM to 2 PM you the the glow of the ever present sun appear over snow capped mountains rising from the sea up to 1500 meters (4500 ft). The rest is night as known elsewhere in the world.

During Christmas we experienced freezing temperatures in Oslo, reaching low of -20C (-5F), but as I landed at Evenes Airport December 22nd it was just -5 degrees Celsius (or 23F). The overall temperature was much higher than in the south of the country, as this archipelago is exposed to the mild waters of the Golf stream. During Christmas the temperatures rose above freezing, unexpected considering its location far north, closer to the Polar areas.

It was, all in all, a traditional Christmas celebration. My brother and sister-in-law prepared a delicious  traditional pork rib for Christmas Eve, and there were gifts in abundance. I will return to this meal and more in coming stories here on Enjoy Food & Travel.

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