Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baked puff pastry shells with fish (ball) stew

Tired and not in the mood to make advanced food, I tried to be innovative the other day. Baked puff pastry shells with fish(ball) stew was nearly a success. By preparing it a little different it will most certainly become one of my favourites.

I have no serious problems using pre made food in my cooking, but I always try to create my personal touch to it. Many products taste flat, but can be made excellent by adding the right amount of seasoning. This was the case with the canned Fishballs with lobster sauce manufactured by Swedish Abba Seafood AB.

Baked puff pastry shells with fish (ball) stew (Serves 2)

4 ready made puff pastry shells or vol-au-vents
1 can of Abbas "Fiskebullar i hummarsås"
2 tbsp sweet chili sauce
Grated cheese

I had bought puff pastry shells of the ones my mother used to serve her delicious fish stew. If you are really smart you can make your own, or use ready made vol-au-vents instead. They will work equally well.

I opened the can of fish balls and had a taste of the content. It was salty enough, but it lacked the necessary balance to make it interesting. I picked out the fish balls, and placed them on the pastry shells and added some sweet chili sauce to the remaining stew. Instead of doing this directly I should have:
  • Pre baked the pastry shells in order to seal the pastry, avoiding it to get soggy when exposed to the sauce
  • Heated the content of the can and added the seasoning
  • Cracked an egg adding it to the mixture and some cream and cheese to make it thicker and less runny
This for the next time. By now I had placed the fish balls and stew delicately on the shells, poured the remaining stew with some chili over them. Then I sprinkled an generous portion of grated cheese over the stew. They were baked in a hot oven (200C / 400 F) until the sauce bubbled and the cheese was golden brown.

Do not misunderstand me, it tasted well, but the pastry shells had turned soggy and the sauce a little too runny to my taste, so I will make a few adjustments to recipe the next time, and see if it works. I'll keep you posted.

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