Sunday, November 14, 2010

Succulent and tender deer roast

As a group of friends left to visit my summer home early September, my friend Terje brought the most deliciously tender and succulent deer roast. It was prepared in a special way. This as he is working as a cook, and had used the most modern ways to reach this fantastic result.

The roast was a de boned deer loin his father had given him. He marinated it in salt, pepper, and herbs. To prepare the meat, he brought the roast to the kitchen he works in, placed it in a thick, heat resistant, plastic bag and vacuumed it by sealing the plastic.

Then he placed it a modern, state of the art steam oven and gently baked it for several hours. After this process, it was cooled down to just a few degrees above freezing point.

He told me that food prepared like this may stay fresh for 3-4 weeks if refrigerated.

When we arrived at my summer home, he just placed the plastic in hot water until the meat was warmed through. Then we just opened up the bag, to serve it.

What this way of preparation does to meat is easy to explain. To seal the meat and heat it on low heat over long time keeps the meat juices inside and the hours spent makes it irresistibly tender.

Sadly this method is for professionals only, but as you have discovered earlier, long roasting is one of my favourite cooking methods, and I am proud to say that the end result is delicious.

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