Friday, November 19, 2010

Rating Icelandair flight Oslo-Reykjavik-Boston

I decided, once again, to fly Icelandair from Oslo to Boston this fall. My main reason to choose this air carrier is the flying time. Instead of spending 8 hours flying over the Atlantic, it is much more convenient to fly 2,5 hours to Reykjavik, spending one hour in transit, for then flying around 5 hours from the Icelandic capital to Boston. Neither price, nor on board comfort is better, rather worse than competing airlines.

Facts on flight:

Here are the facts of my flight.

October 26th 2010:
  • Departure Gardermoen International Airport - Oslo, 2.45 PM
  • Arrival Keflavik International - Reykjavik, 3 PM (-2 hours)
  • Departure Keflavik International Airport - Reykjavik 4 PM
  • Arrival Logan International Airport - Boston 5.35 PM (-4 hours)
November 6th 2010
  • Departure Logan International Airport - Boston, 9.45 PM
  • Arrival Keflavik International Airport - Reykjavik 6.30 AM (+4 hours + 1 day)
  • Departure Keflavik International Airport - Reykjavik 7.30 AM
  • Arrival Gardermoen International Airport - Oslo 11.30 AM (+2 hours)
Check in: BBBB

Check in on schedule at all airports. We did however, have to wait a considerable time at Logan International Airport in order to embark the vessel.

Take-off: BB+

Take-off time approximately on all flights time October 26th. Departure from Boston close to one hour delayed due to technical problem. No information was given during the waiting time. This delay and change to daylight savings time made time to transfer very short, and now information was given to us during our flight to address this, and I nearly missed my plane to Oslo.

Hospitality: BBB

A cool and distant flight crew on board, partly unwilling to inform during the delays at Boston Airport and the consequences for transfer passengers.

Service: BBBB

Decent service. We did not have to wait long to be served, and the staff answered other questions promptly.

Complementary: BB+

Only soft drinks and water complementary. Wine, beer, hard liquor and a small selection of warm dishes for sale on board at reasonable prices. Even head sets were not offered travelers for free.

Comfort: BBBB

One of the few assets of an Icelandair flight. Generous room in front of knees on all flights. Seats comfortably wide. Good sized table.

Flying time to destination: BBB+

Average flying time to destination from Oslo to Boston. Shorter flight time from Boston to Reykjavik took in a little of the one hour delay, but I would have lost my flight to Oslo if normal flight time.

Arrival: BBB+

Arrival on time to Reykjavik and Boston over, delayed arrival to Reykjavik from Boston on return flight. Arrival on time at Gardermoen Airport on Oslo.

Check-out: BBBB

Acceptable time spent to disembark planes, and waiting for luggage at baggage claim.

Duty free goods: BBBB

A good selection of duty free spirits, accessories, fragrances, and other articles available at reasonable prices.

Rating Icelandair: BBBB- (3,5 points)

The 2010 transatlantic crossing was disappointing compared to last years experience. Bad information and delays count for lower rating. Good leg room and short traveling time to my destination are still the air carriers asset. My patience, however, is wearing thin , and the airline must improve by offering more complementary goods and inform travelers better during delays.

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