Friday, November 12, 2010

Non-stop flights from Norway - news November 2010

Vis NEW: All non-stop flights from Rygge - NOVEMBER 2010 i et større kart

Ryanair launch four new destinations from Rygge Airport in November 2010. Travelers from Oslo may get to know Morocco better, as Norwegian Air Shuttle opens weekly flights from Oslo Airport to Agadir by the Atlantic coast. November offers few new flights, and other flights to other destinations close for the winter. Here are the latest on non-stop flights from Norway November 2010

Oslo Airport:
  • NEW: Agadir, Morocco (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
    Norwegian Air Shuttle will start weekly flights from Oslo Airport to Agadir Morocco from November 6th. At the same time it will start a second weekly flight to Marrakech.
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  • NEW: Liverpool, United Kingdom (Ryanair)

  • NEW: London-Gatwick, United Kingdom (Ryanair)

  • NEW: Rome, Italy (Ryanair)

  • NEW: Tampere, Finland (Ryanair)
    Ryanair starts 4 weekly flights from Rygge Airport to Tampere, Finland from October 31st. Tampere is a major industrial centre and the third largest city in Finland.
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Stavanger Airport:
  • WINTER BREAK: Alicante, Spain (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
Torp Airport:
  • NEW: Alicante, Spain (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
Trondheim Airport
  • CLOSE: Antalya, Turkey (Norwegian Air Shuttle)

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