Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Tonight is Thanksgiving in the US. It is a traditional family occasion with a good turkey dinner and all that follows of side dishes. I, myself will celebrate Thanksgiving with a variation of a traditional turkey dinner tomorrow.

11 years ago I visited San Francisco and celebrated Thanksgiving there. Tomorrow two friends that lived there that time come for a visit. To remember that special time in our lives, I will prepare a Thanksgiving-ish dinner.

I bought a 1 1/ lb turkey breast yesterday. Today I will long roast the breast at low temperature for 4-5 hours in a roasting bag. I will prepare stuffing, sweet potato mash, cranberries and gravy as side dishes.

I do look forward to this meal, and I will give you a whole account of this meal here on Enjoy Food & Travel. In the mean time Enjoy Food & Travel would like to wish all of you gathering around the dinner table tonight a Happy Thanksgiving.

(Photo: Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner by Alcinoe)

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