Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stoughton Hall, Harvard University

The architect Charles Bulfinch has left behind a rich architectural legacy through a large number of buildings throughout the East Coast of the US, among them US Capitol, the State Houses in Maine, Connecticut and Massachusetts and the University Hall at Harvard. Another building designed by him is Stoughton Hall, a dormitory building found at Harvard Yard.

William Stoughton around 1700

The present Stoughton Hall goes back to 1804. It is named after William Stoughton, that funded construction of the first building bearing its name at the university in 1698. Funding of the new building was aided by a State Lottery.
Stoughton Hall is one of the dormitories housing first-year students at Harvard College.

Each room is shared by two students. Here are a few more known students that shared rooms at Stoughton Hall:
Harvard college with the old Stoughton Hall from an engraving from 1720

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