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Restaurant Larsen, Oslo

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Restaurant Larsen has been located in the same house at Majorstuen since it opened in 1951. I visited it a few times just after I had moved to the Norwegian capital in the early 1980's. Then it had rooms over two floors. A few eeks ago, I visited Restaurant Larsen for the first time in close to 30 years. I discovered that it is definitely a place to enjoy a Norwegian open sandwich.

Rating Restaurant Larsen: BBBB+ (4,26 points)
  • Location: BBBB
  • Service: BBBB+
  • Interior & Atmosphere: BBBB
  • Food: BBBB+
  • Beverage: BBBBB-
Restaurant Larsen  is located in the busy Majorstuen downtown area of Oslo. Close to the Oslo subway system, and ideal for a snack after you have visited Vigeland Sculpture Park close by. 

Here you enjoy your food in  a quaint traditional interior, otherwise found in the numerous log-cabin style restaurants found in the wooden areas of the Norwegian capital. Even though the building is built just before the war, you get a Swiss chalet feeling when sitting down. Rough wooden walls, rough worn furniture and filled up with vintage nicknack's.

I found a table by the window and was instantly served by a charming young waitress. I ordered a cold pint of beer, and after I had studied the menu, I decided to try the "Karbonade" open sandwich,  usually a buttered slice of bread with a large hamburger, fried or raw onion, and pickled cucumber.

Sadly Oslo has a very few places that serve this Scandinavian specialty, but I discovered that  I could add Restaurant Larsen to the list, and judging from my open sandwich they are good at it. A decent sized, home made "karbonade" made from proper ground beef, succulent, well seasoned high quality meat. It was served on a crispy slice of rustic bread, served with all the necessary garnish.

We were traveling to our summer home by car, and I remained completely satisfied by this substantial meal until I stood in my garden on the South Eastern coast. So having an open sandwich here is a good idea if want to indulge in proper Norwegian comfort food and avoid getting hungry quickly. Add a pint of beer to it all, and you will stay happy until dinner.

Restaurant Larsen
Sørkedalsveien 1 C, 0369 Oslo
Phone: 22 60 64 92

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