Thursday, October 07, 2010

Pytt i panna!

Pyttipanna is a Swedish/Norwegian classic. This leftover dish is by no means unique. Created in a time and age when nothing was wasted, it may contain all that you have in hand, but one staple ingredient must be present in order for it to be a proper pyttipanna - potatoes.

I went to visit my friend Terjes parents in Sunnemo, Sweden a few months ago. When we had no idea on what to prepare for lunch on our day of departure, his father found a frozen package pyttipanna in his large freezer. We prepared it as a filling lunch leaving us satisfied until arriving home 5 hours and 230 kilometers later.

Serious comfort food, as prepared before of the days of tacos and pizzas, containing real honest ingredients as bacon, sausages, ham and onions and always potatoes. Pyttipanna is related to dishes as the Danish biksemad, hash in the US or bubble and squeak in the UK.

Pyttipanna is from a time when people had to regard food as too precious to waste. I am a relic in that was as I hate throwing food in the bin, thus always using leftovers. In economic trying times it is a good idea as well, as you save money as well as creating less waste. A win-win for both you and the environment.

I found a recipe clip on YouTube
and follow his instructions or here is a recipe for Swedish Fry on Serve it for breakfast with one or two fried eggs or as a tasty lunch.

Bon appetite!

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