Friday, October 22, 2010

Non-stop Oslo New York with Scandinavian Airlines from March 2011

Photo: An Airbus 380-300 operated by Scandinavian Airlines, by Magnus Manske
We are experiencing a boom in direct flights between Scandinavian capitals and US destinations. In March 2011, Scandinavian Airlines will be the latest air carrier to start daily non-stop flights between Oslo International Airport and Newark International Airport in New York, and more competitors are waiting to do the same.

This is certainly good news for us that wants to trade our everyday life with a stroll along Fifth Avenue. Coming summer 176 flights will fly each week between the US and the five Scandinavian capitals.

Oslo International Airport has flights to the Big Apple all year operated by Continental Airlines, and US Airways operate flights to Philadelphia from late spring to early fall. These flights have been highly lucrative for the two air carriers, and other airlines are waiting to catch travelers eager to cross the herring pond.

Scandinavian will use their Airbus A330-300 on their flights, a much larger plane than the ones used by Continental, taking 257 passengers.

Scandinavian is not the only air carrier that is planning direct flights from Norway to the US. Norwegian Air Shuttle has announced that they will start flights during 2011. The small Norwegian-Swedish Feel Air is also in line. This competition will mean lower prices, at least in the short run. If the airlines are trying to catch the same number of passenger, that is. Then one or several will lose out in the long run.

But if the lower prices tempt more travelers, the new competition will be a win-win for all air carriers. As long as the value of the USD is low compared to the Euro and other European currency, Norwegian travelers will find the US as affordable as destination as many European countries.

I am crossing the Atlantic regularly, and I welcome the completion from Scandinavian Airlines. Having only one carrier offering non-stop flights on these crossing means fewer deals for travelers. Four airlines means more choice and better deals, and what could be better than that?

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