Friday, October 08, 2010

No news from SATA Air Açores on direct flights Oslo Azores in 2011

October 7th the last SATA Air Açores flight takes off from Oslo to the Azores. 2010 was the first year with direct connection to these beautiful islands located in the mid-Atlantic. I took contact with SATA to find out what plans they had for this service in 2011. I recieved an answer with no answer.

My question was:
Press request from

Direct flights from Oslo to Ponta Delgada will end October 7th 2010. What are your experiences from 2010 and does SATA consider maintaining direct flights from Oslo to the Azores season of 2011.
The answer from SATA Air Acores was
Dear Mr Tor Johnsen, Thank you for using our services.

SATA will end this operation Ponta Delgada/Oslo and back on September 10th 2010. We do not have information if direct flights will continue during 2011 season.

Please contact us in a few months; we hope to have more information about this subject.
The Azores is a tempting destination for those of us in quest for new and interesting travel experiences. On behalf of Norwegian travelers I would certainly hope that SATA would continue non-stop flights from Oslo to Ponta Delgada in 2011.

From here you may visit e.g. the Graciosa Islands, the northernmost of the central group of islands of the Azores. The island is 10 km long and 7 km wide. Here is a short film clip from the island published on YouTube.

SATA introduce non-stop flight Oslo to Azores 2010 - see story here

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