Saturday, October 16, 2010

Merrimack Masonic Lodge building, Haverhill MA

When visiting the A1 Deli in Haverhill MA, I saw something very familiar to me. Just across the street, I found this red-brick Masonic Building.

Haverhill in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was settled in 1640 and was named after Haverhill in Suffolk in the UK, where many of the settlers originated from. 

The Merrimack Lodge goes back as far as 1802, making it the second oldest lodge in this district. St. John's Lodge in Newburyport was founded already in 1766.

It is located at 111 Merrimack Street in downtown Haverhill. It belongs to the 11th Masonic District in Massachusetts.

Freemasonry in Massachusetts goes back to goes as far back as 1733, i.e. 40 years before the revolution, and before the first Norwegian masonic lodge, Saint John to the White Leopard, was founded in 1749.

The first freemasons met in taverns, one being the famous Green Dragon Tavern that is still found in downtown Boston. This building may be from the last decades of the 19th or first of the 20th century, judging by its appearance.  

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Location of the Merrimack Lodge Building

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