Monday, October 18, 2010

Food court at Boston's South Station

To dine in Boston, as any other large US city, may end up as a costly affair. If you spent too much on oysters or Maine lobster the day before, it is a good idea to lunch at one of the many food courts found around the city. It will relieve a stretched budget, and it tastes decent. One fooud court is found at South Station, in the heart of downtown Boston.
I had not spent too much, but had missed the train to Greenbush the day I arrived in the US. To kill some time waiting for the next train, I decided to take a snack in the food court. Strolling around, looking what was offered from US cuisine and beyond, I decided to try a noodle dish with beef as served at Master Wok.
Food served at one of these food courts is inexpensive for more than one reason. For one, this is serious street food as the dishes are prepared in advance and you do not eat in style. They are served in Styrofoam containers and you eat with plastic cutlery. This means that the prices are lower than in a restaurant or bar.
Secondly, you are not obliged to pay the compulsory 23% tip paid in restaurants. But I suspect that the staff behind the counter would need a pay rise, so I strongly recommend you to throw in a few quarters as courtesy for those working hard to serve you.
And do not expect to have a great culinary experience. In this price range the food is good or decent, but not gourmet. Add a little soy sauce, and it will certainly fill you up. For me it brought me to my cousin’s supper at the end of a long journey.
What else to find at South Station:
  • Cajun, Cajun - cuisine from the deep south at its worst, if you read these five reviews at Yelp. Maybe the expectations were too high, but you may consider trying something else to be completely sure.
  • Pizza Regina - better, but overpriced according to other reviews at Yelp, saying that this is definitely for tourist. $4 price for a slice is not expensive where I come from, but you may get cheaper meals at South Station.
  • Au Bon Pain - even better. Here you may get healthier meals as a sandwich, orange juice , yogurts, and more and enjoy a decent brew of coffee.

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Two other food courts in the Boston Area

Prudential Centre, Back Bay

This is an elegant mall with a food court, as well as bars and restaurants. You may take a coffee at Starbucks and visit Barnes & Noble, before heading off for a meal at the food court.

I found it very appealing and many others did as well, according to the reviews at Yelp. A wide range of different styled food.

111 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02228

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Cambridgeside Galleria

A large food court at the end of a vast mall close to the Science Museum and Lechmere here you find many traditional chains as well as Sushi, Tex-Mex, Thai and Italian food.

100 CambridgeSide Place, Cambridge MA 02141

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