Thursday, October 21, 2010

A delicious pork and chicken dinner

You have been to work, and you're tired, in fact so tired that you have no energy to prepare your dinner. If you're lucky you have a well stocked supermarket close to where you live. Close to my cousins house in Salisbury Beach there is a large Market Basket, and one evening during my visit we decided to buy some ready made dinner. 
My cousin thinks that the grilled chicken from DeMoulas Market Basket is close to what you may prepare yourself. Annes husband Pete is not very fond of chicken, so we bought some thick slices of pork roast. It had the most delicious mahogany glaze. 
I usually buy ready prepared chicken in supermarket when I'm too lazy. Buy the one just prepared and warm, and do remember that this meat is best the evening you buy it, and if cold it will not take cooking very well. So if not eaten warm, use in salads or in sandwiches.

Buy a raw chicken if you prepare a casserole or a curry.

We heated the chicken from DeMoulas slightly in the oven and served it and the pork with mashed potatoes and brown gravy. It is a nutritious and lean dinner.

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