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New direct flights from Torp Airport, Sandefjord

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"don't come running to me, mate! Because I'll be in Alicante, oiled up, skin sizzling in the midday sun like a burnt sausage!"
Ashes to Ashes, British Television drama

Hungarian Wizz Air has started its fifth non-stop flight to Poland from Torp Airport, and Norwegian Air Shuttle will open its first flights from the airport to Spain this fall. These are the latest flight news from Torp Airport.   

Wizz Air opens its fifth direct flight to Poland

Photo: Wroclaw 14th century city hall by Kolossos
Torp Airport is the main airport for Hungarian Wizz Air in Norway. It has recently opened its fifth direct connection to Wroclaw in Poland.

The city is an important financial and cultural centre in Poland, and is, with its population of 600 000, the country's 4th largest city.

Wizz Air operates four other non-stop services to Poland from Torp Airport. They are:
  • Gdansk
  • Katowice
  • Posnan
  • Warsaw
The air carrier also flies non-stop from Torp Airport to Kiev, Prague and Riga.

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Norwegian Air Shuttle starts direct flights to Torp - Alicante

Casa Carbonell, Alicante - photo by Zarkos
Norwegian Air Shuttle has been absent from Torp Airport, until now - that is. But the air carrier confirms that they will start direct flights from Torp to Alicante in November 2010. 

This means that Ryanair will get competition from Norway's largest budget airline on flights to Alicante. Ryanair's original plan was not to operate any flights to Alicante this winter. The launch of parallel flights by its arch rival has made the Irish air carrier think again. 

It has changed its plants and decided to fly to Alicante this winter. The competing flights flights will take off within 10 minutes of each other each Saturday. They will fly literally fly wing to wing in order to attract travelers. 

Let us hope that this provides lower  air fare for us seeking relief by traveling south during the harsh Norwegian winters

First Norwegian Air Shuttle flight from will be November 6th, and the air carrier will use on of its Boeing 737-800 fleet and it will leave Torp during the afternoon, arriving in Alicante around 7PM.   

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