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Fine dining in my new neighbourhood

Photo: Fish soup with grilled scallops by cyclonebill

Late September I move from downtown Oslo to Høgåsen, in southern part of Oslo. I switch subway for a 15 minute ride with suburban train to Oslo Central Station, apparently far away from any fine dining, or.......?
I have the last 15 years lived in the middle of a busy downtown neighborhood, close to coffee shops, restaurants and bars. As I grow older, light and fresh air are getting increasingly more important. This was the reason to sell my flat and buy another flat outside of town.

Photo: My old neighbourhood - Tøyen centre by Mahlum
I am pleased to say that I have ended up with a great 2 bedroom apartment with a terrace and my own back garden, overlooking the Oslo fjord and the city in the distance.

What I will miss is to walk to into the street to dine at the Japanese Samurai Sushi, or the Indian restaurant Darbar.

I have concentrating on the distance to Oslo City centre, but was blind to the fact that just over the city limits, and within walking distance is the new Kolbotn suburban area, with shops, restaurants, and bars. Here I discovered, to my joy, the existence of two seemingly exclusive restaurants.

Gamle Tårnhuset Restaurant

This restaurant is found in a stately villa with an impressive tower built in the beginning of the 20th century. They offer a à la carte, as well as a menu of the week where you may choose between 3, 4, or 5 courses with a matching wine menu. Price tag is from NOK 398 to NOK 525.

Photo: Norway Lobsters caught in Scotland and seen in Rothsay by Lucas the Scot.
 Week 32 they offered the following menu:

Scallops and salmon from the Frøya island as carpaccio with nut marinade
Fresh salad with horseradish, apple and parsnip puré
Roasted rose fish from Roan in Trøndelag county
Vegetables in tomatoes and sauce with Norway lobsters
Entrecôte gourmet veal, medium done
Lentils, carrot and parley roots
Morel and red wine sauce
Mature cheeses from Norwegian producers
Eiker farm and Blinde Ku (Blind Cow) dairy, Tingvoll cheese
Served with sweet company and dark bread
Crispy tarte with redcurrants from Prinsdalen and pecan nuts
Served with woodland strawberries and fresh raspberries

It really makes my mouth water. Definitely a place to check out - soon!!!

Gamle tårnhuset restaurant
Kolbotnvn. 31
1410 Kolbotn
tlf: 66 99 30 00

Terrassen Café, Bar & Restaurant

Terrassen Café, Bar & Restaurant serves a lunch, tapas and dinner menu, as well as serving as a bar for the community.

Photo: Calamares a la Romana by Sandstein
The menu is inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine. From 11 AM to 4 PM you may enjoy a lunch menu of salad, pasta, burger and grill dishes, priced from 10 to 15 EUR.

From 11 AM to 10 PM you may order a wide range of traditional and nontraditional very reasonably priced tapas. You may even order a selection for 2-4 people from 45 to 80 EUR.

Dinner is served from 4 PM til 10 PM, and you may order different starters, main courses and desserts from the menu. Starters are priced around 10 EUR, main courses start at 17 EUR and end at around 30 EUR, whereas desserts will cost you around 10 EUR.

Terrassen restaurant AS
Jan Baalsruds plass 5
1410 Kolbotn, Norge
+47 66 81 03 00

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