Friday, September 17, 2010

COMING JANUARY 2011 - More stories from Marrakech, Morocco

Yesterday we booked another trip to Marrakech Morocco, leaving Norway January 15th 2011 returning one week later. Hooray!!

I am easily described as a ritualized travelers, as I return to destinations that I love. Marrakech is definitely one of them. Besides a pleasant winter climate, this ancient city under the Atlas mountains can offer affordable high-class food and accommodation, as well as history, sights and great hand crafted products to bring home.

January - great month for Morocco travels

Marrakech enjoys a pleasant climate during winter time. Although resting by the foot of the snow capped Atlas mountains, average high temperature in January reach 18,9 C (66F), and average low goes down to 6C (43F). This as a contrast to the scorching hot North African summers where mean temperatures reach highs of around 40C (102F).

This is reflected in the prices. We ordered a round trip ticket with Norwegian Air Shuttle offered at a bargain price of NOK 1512 (190 EUR / 240 USD).

Rating Norwegian Air Shuttle flight from Oslo to Marrakech see story here

Restaurants, hotels and products at bargain prices

When you get there, you'll find accommodation offered at ridiculous prices. You may upgrade to a suite in a four star resort, and still pay less than you would pay at a regular hotel in any European city.

We stayed at Eden Andalou Spa & Resort February 2010 - see story here

And then you may just enjoy the rich culinary traditions of Morocco and buy high class, and beautiful home made products for your home at low prices.

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